Episode 49, scene 8.

     Dr. Rossi has just come out of the Peyton Professional Building 
     and sees Betty Anderson who has just come out of the courthouse. 

MR:  Hello, Betty.
BA:  Hello, Dr. Rossi.  What am I suppose to do with this?
MR:  Well, I don't know.
BA:  In Reno, they throw their old wedding rings in some river.
MR:  Yes, the Truckee river.
BA:  Have you been there?
MR:  No, I haven't.
BA:  I could go to the wharf.
MR:  Why don't you try just putting it in your purse?
BA:  I could keep it and look at it from time to time.
MR:  Listen, are you hungry?
BA:  No.
MR:  Why don't you come over to the Inn and have dinner with me?
BA:  Are you being a good doctor?
MR:  I'm being a good doctor.  Come on.

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