Episode 53, scene 1.

     Leslie talks with Constance in the Mackenzie livingroom.

LH:  I didn't kill Elizabeth.  But Elliot believes that I did.  And he has 
     her diary.  You're the only person who can keep him from using it. 
CM:  I can't.
LH:  You can't?  Allison's mother?
AM:  You wouldn't.
LH:  I wouldn't want to.  You can stop all this, Constance.  Talk to Elliot.  
     Make him realize what's at stake, for everyone.  I won't have my family 
     threatened either. 
CM:  Your family.  Or yourself? 
LH:  Tomorrow afternoon, Constance.  I've got to have the diary by then.  
     That's the deadline I was given. 
LH:  I love my sons.
CM:  I love my daughter.

     [Leslie leaves.]

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