Episode 55, scene 8.

     Conversation between Rodney, Kitch Brunner, and Earl:

RH:  Kitch?
RH:  I'm Rod Harrington.
KB:  Yeah, I've seen you around.
RH:  That was pretty flip, you slipping my brother that phonied
       up drink.
KB:  Me?  Who said I did?
RH:  Let's say I asked around.
KB:  Look, uh, no one was going to hurt him.
RH:  Good clean fun, huh?  Tying him to the pillory.
KB:  We didn't mean nothing by it.
RH:  Well, why did you do it?
KB:  Look why was it he sent you?
RH:  I came on my own.
E:   Hey, Kitch.  Is everything alright.
KB:  Yeah Earl.  It's Rod Harrington.  No, wait a minute.  It's 
     Rodney Harrington. You know, I always liked the name Rodney.
     Kind of like Percy or Sylvester.  I mean real rugged. 
E:   Did he come here to give you a bad time, Kitch?
RH:  You must have been there the other night too, huh?
E:   Where?
KB:  It's alright Earl.  Daddy Warbucks here he knows we 
     played around with his kid brother.  And he's come here 
     to till us that we're naughty, naughty.
E:   You don't look like daddy Warbucks to me.
E:   I think he looks like superboy.  Don't you think he 
     looks like superboy, now? 
KB:  With a name like Rodney.  Maybe he uses that name to 
     fool people to hide your true identity.  Maybe you are 
     superboy.  Let's see if you can fly. 

RH:  You and your friends, stay away from my brother.

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