Episode 59, scene 9.

     Dialog between Paul Hanley and Norman Harrington at the Inn.

NH:  How was your steak?
PH:  Like everything else in Peyton Place, tough and un-yielding.
NH:  You don't really mean that, do you?
PH:  Oh, I do.  I do.  I am a New Englander by birth, not choice.
NH:  Well, you did choose to come back.
PH:  Let's say I was impelled to.
NH:  Oh?
PH:  By certain family matters.

PH:  You know, it seems that my family has been dimished to the point 
     where there just really isn't any. 
NH:  Well, at least you got to see your father again before he died.
PH:  Well, So I did.  

PH:  You know, Norman I find that, generally speaking, the father-son 
     relationship is vastly over-rated.  Don't you agree? 
NH:  Well, I'm not sure I know how I feel about that.
PH:  Well, one of these days I expect you'll be finding out.
PH:  Oh, waitress, my check please.
NH:  Here.
PH:  Oh no, no, no.  The treat's on me.
NH:  All right.

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