Episode 57, scene 12.

     Rodney talks with Betty on the square.

RH:  Hi.
BA:  Hi.
RH:  Uh, I saw your father.  I was going to say Hello.
BA:  Why didn't you?
RH:  I don't know.  I thought seeing me might upset him.
BA:  He doesn't upset that easily anymore.
RH:  Well then, I'm glad to hear it.
BA:  You know he's been through a lot lately.
RH:  You all have.
RH:  Strange . . .
BA:  Funny . . .
RH:  . . . how things turn out.
BA:  Isn't it?   You know, just a few months ago Daddy and I were across 
     the street sitting in your car.  He asked me if I thought 
     psychiatry would help and I said yes.  But, I was just whistling in 
     the dark.  I hardly knew what psychiatry was. 
RH:  I think you whistle loud enough. 

RH:  Where are you headed?
BA:  Back to work?
RH:  Can I give you a ride.  My car is just down the street.
BA:  No thanks.
RH:  You know, It seems that I spend half my life offering people rides.

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