Episode 57, scene 13.

     Leslie talks with Marian, Paul Hanley, and then George.
     Marian is from production, a temporary replacement for Julie.

LH:  That will be all, Marian.  Thank you.
RM:  Of course.

RM:  Oh, I forgot.  While you were out, Mr. Anderson called.  He wanted 
     to drop by.  What shall I tell him, if he calls again? 
LH:  Say you have been unable to reach me.
RM:  Yes, sir.
     [Paul opens the office door.]
RM:  May I help you?
PH:  Do you have a moment, Harrington?
LH:  Come in.
LH:  You can close that, Marian.
RM:  Yes, sir.
     [Paul goes on in.]
PH:  Wainwright tells me you've dropped your case?
LH:  Yes.
PH:  Why? 
LH:  Because I didn't think I could win.
PH:  Well, I commend your simple logic.  Though I was rather looking 
     forward to taking the stand. 
LH:  Well, I'm sorry to have deprived you of your day in court.
PH:  Spare me your regrets.  You killed my sister.  And whether it's in or out 
     of court, I intend to make that fact public information.
LH:  How?  By quoting from a diary you no longer possess?
PH:  I'll find a way.
LH:  Give it up, Hanley.  It's that you're quite wrong.  I did no harm to 
     your sister.  Now, If you'll excuse me. 
     [Paul Snaps his fingers.] 
PH:  Just like that.  A royal dismissal.  Tell me, Harrington, do you 
     think I'm some trusty retainer or perhaps one of your fine young 
LH:  Heaven forbid.
PH:  Well that goes both ways.  I've had my share of disadvantages in 
     life.  But at least I didn't draw you as a father. 
LH:  You're a very arrogant young man.  You will leave this office 
PH:  You talk about arrogance.  Leslie Harrington with his big house and 
     his big cars.
LH:  Get out.
PH:  You enjoy ordering people around, don't you?  Well you won't be 
     giving orders much longer.
LH:  You're all talk Hanley.  Empty idle talk.
PH:  Oh am I?  Am I?
LH:  You're not a doer, Hanley.  You know that and I know it, too.
     [Keep this in mind later, Paul enlists George to dispatch Leslie.] 

     [Paul leaves.]

GA:  Now your boss is free.
RM:  But, Mr. Anderson, I don't think he wants to be disturbed.
GA:  Tell him that George Anderson is here, please.
RM:  Yes, sir.
     [George starts to sit down.]
PH:  George Anderson?
GA:  Yes.  That's right.
PH:  My name is Hanley, Paul Hanley.
GA:  Oh, Yes.  I knew your father.
PH:  I've heard a great deal about you.
GA:  Is that so?
     [Mary returns.]
M:   Mr. Harrington will see you now. 
GA:  Good.  Good.

GA:  [To Paul]  It's nice to meet you.
PH:  My pleasure, Mr. Anderson.
     [George goes in Leslie's office.]
LH:  Well, you might as well sit down, now that you're here.
GA:  Thanks.
LH:  Drink?
GA:  No thanks.
LH:  Well, I need one.
GA:  Well, I'll have some ginger ale or soda if you have it.
     [Leslie opens his office fridge.]
GA:  Well, how are things, Les?
LH:  I should be asking that of you.
     [Pops the lid.]
GA:  Oh, I'm in good shape now.  Wonderful what they can do these days.
LH:  You probably needed a long rest.
GA:  No, Les.  I had some real problems, but I understand them now.  
     I can control them.
     [Leslie hands the glass to George.]
GA:  Thank you.

GA:  I want you to know, Les, that I appreciate your covering the hospital bill
     for me.
LH:  I was glad I could help.
GA:  Now wait.  Let me finish.  I want to pay you back.
LH:  Now, George.
GA:  Les, I can't have another man paying my way.
LH:  It was an agreement, part of Betty's settlement for the annullment.
GA:  I didn't agree.
LH:  You weren't here.
GA:  Well, I am now.  [Now rhymes with meow.]

GA:  You and Rod got off mighty easy.
LH:  I think it was a very fair settlement, all things considered.
GA:  Do you, Les?
GA:  Do you think it is fair for my daughter to be slaving away at the 
     hospital while Rod goes off to Peyton College?
LH:  You might give your daughter credit for a little spunk and 
GA:  I'll give the awards in my family and I'll also pay the bills.
LH:  Be reasonable, George.  You and Julie are going to need your money.
GA:  We weren't talking about Julie, or were we?
LH:  I thought you said you had gotten over that.

LH:  Betty agreed to the settlement.  Julie did, too.
GA:  I'll bet they agreed.  I'll bet you got them to agree fast once you 
     had me locked up in Greenvale. 
LH:  George.  
GA:  Oh, yes.  You figured once you had Georgie Porgie out of the way it 
     was open season again on the Andersons.  You could break up Rod and 
     Betty and have Julie to yourself, again. 
LH:  I've had a very difficult day, George.  I'm in no mood to coddle 
     your delusions. 
GA:  Delusions?
LH:  I had hoped that you had been cured.
GA:  I don't need your diagnosis, doctor.
GA:  Thanks for the drink.
     [George smashes the glass and leaves.]
     [Outside, Paul drives up.]
PH:  Mr. Anderson.  
     It's me, Paul Hanley.
GA:  Oh, Yes.
PH:  I didn't see your car anywhere and I thought you might need a ride home.
GA:  Oh, yes.  I would like that.  Thank you.
     [George walks around and gets in.]
     [They drive as the scene ends.]

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