Episode 58, scene 1.

     Dialog between Paul Hanley and George Anderson in Paul's car.

PH:  Hello.  Mr. Anderson.  It's me, Paul Hanley.
GA:  Oh, yes.  Yes, that's right.
PH:  I didn't see your car anywhere.  I thought you might need a lift home.
GA:  Yes.  I'd like that.  Thank you.
     [George walks around and gets in.]
     [Paul drives.]
     [George wrings his hands.]
PH:  You look if you could use a quick one.
GA:  Huh?
PH:  A drink.  Drink.
GA:  Oh, No, I've messed things up enough already.  That's all I need.
     Oh, I really blew my stack up there already.  But good.
PH:  Harrington?
GA:  Funny thing.  All the time I was sounding off I kept saying to 
     myself this is wrong.  it didn't stop me.
PH:  Well, he probably deseerved it.
GA:  No.  It's all up here.
GA:  I've got nothing against Les.  Even though we're not the best of 
PH:  Well, at least you're going to be with a friend.  
GA:  I didn't make one, that's for sure.  I need to calm down.  I don't 
     want Julie to see me in this state. 
GA:  Yeah.  You know how women are.  They get all worked up over nothing.
PH:  Mr. Anderson, are you sure you wouldn't change your mind about that 
GA:  Nah.  I would like to, but Julie said she would be home early.
PH:  Well, we can stop at Ada Jacks' place, Huh?  It's just around the 
     corner up here. 
GA:  I've kinda given up on the sauce.  It doesn't agree with me.
PH:  How about a beer then.  It can't hurt anything.
GA:  Oh, I guess not.
PH:  Just one beer.  Okay?  That'll relax you.
GA:  All right, all right.  But just one.  I don't want to keep Julie 

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