Episode 58, scene 9.

     Dialog between Paul Hanley and George Anderson at Ada's.
     George sets down the empty glass by an empty ash tray.

PH:  Want another?
GA:  No thanks.
PH:  Maybe you'd ought to switch.
GA:  No.  No.
PH:  At least put something in the ginger ale.
GA:  No, I have been thinking about that.  But I've put Julie through 
PH:  Have you?
GA:  You're dern tootin' I have.
PH:  [Laughs]  Well, that's an expression I haven't heard in years.
GA:  You're dern tootin' you haven't.  Well, I'd better get home.
PH:  Uh, to Julie?
GA:  To Julie.

GA:  Look, Hanley, why did you wait for me?
PH:  Wait for you?
GA:  At the mill.
PH:  Well, I wanted to talk with you.  You see, I too, had been to the 
     mill to talk to our mutual friend, Leslie Harrington. 
GA:  Our mutual friend?
PH:  Actually, George.  Do you mind if I call you George.  You see,
     actually, we're kind of a group.  We sort of a unit all linked 
     together with Leslie Harrington.
GA:  You and I are a group?   
PH:  We should include Elliot Carson.  You and he had a lot in common.  
GA:  That's right.
PH:  The war.  
GA:  The war.
PH:  I remembered that.  There was quite a ceremony. I believe 
     you both won medals and . . . 
GA:  We both won medals.  That's right.  So what?
PH:  So you have that in common.  For one thing . . .

PH:  Oh, Ada . . .

PH:  That wasn't all you had in common.
GA:  I don't know what you're talking about.
PH:  Oh, I suppose you wouldn't.

PH:  Ada, I would like one more beer, please.  Say, you remember my 
     sister Elizabeth, don't you? 
AJ:  Of course, I remember your sister.  
     [Ada leaves.]
GA:  Well, what has this got to do with her?
PH:  With Ada?
GA:  [Annoyed]  Your sister.
PH:  It took Elliot Carson some time to figure out, too.  It's called the 
     Harrington charm. 
GA:  The Harrington charm?
PH:  That's right, George.
GA:  I don't believe it.
PH:  Do you think I like to believe it?

PH:  Ada.  Would you mind telling George the truth?
AJ:  About what?
PH:  My sister and Leslie Harrington.

     [George looks up at Ada.  Ada walks off to avoid getting involved.]

GA:  Oh, I wish I knew what you were driving at.
PH:  George, my sister kept a diary.
GA:  So what?
PH:  Does your wife keep a diary?  Did she ever?  Have you ever looked 
     for one? 
GA:  [Angrily]  I've had enough.
PH:  Don't get angry with me George.  I'm trying to clear things up.  
     Shed a little light.  You ought listen to me.  You really should. 
     Listen to me, George. 

PH:  All right.  Now George, did they convince you this whole thing was 
     some sort of delusion.  Did they really convince you or didn't you 
     know all along that you were right? 

PH:  Leslie Harrington was very interested in your wife.
PH:  Do you want to hit me George?

     [George gets up and walks to the bar.  And Paul follows.]

PH:  George, your wife wasn't the first woman Harrington chased after.  
     I don't even think my sister was.  Leslie Harrington has been 
     getting away with this for years. 

     [Paul walks behind the counter as though he were the bartender.]

PH:  What'll you have, George?

     [Scene ends.]

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