Episode 59, scene 3.

     Dialog between Paul Hanley and George Anderson in Paul's car.
     Paul stops the car some distance from the mansion.

GA:  They tell you it is only in your head.  Huh?
PH:  Oh, that is because they have no cure for reality, George.
GA:  Oh, there's a cure for it.  You do what Elliot Carson did.
PH:  To his wife, to my sister?

PH:  George, do you think Elliot Carson killed my sister?  Huh?  He said 
     he didn't.  He swore on the witness stand, that he didn't kill her.  
     He swore that he heard a man run out of the beach house.  Don't you 
     believe your old buddy?  George, do you think he lied to you? 
     George, don't you realize who killed my sister?  Now come on, think 
     about it.  Can't you see it, George.  I found out.  Leslie 
     Harrington has been getting away with everything all these years.  
     Leslie Harrington killed my sister, Elizabeth.  Leslie Harrington 
     has been your wife's good friend. 

GA:  Shut up.  Shut up.  Shut up.  [George tends to be redundant.]
PH:  What about it, George?

     [Paul starts the engine and drives.]
     [They arrive at the Harrington mansion.]

GA:  The lights are all out downstairs.
LH:  Yes, Harrington isn't expecting anyone.
GA:  All's quiet at the castle.  That's what Betty used to call it.
     Castle Harrington.  Well, tonight the castle walls 
     come tumbling down.
PH:  And the king of the castle tumbles with them.
PH:  The whole town looking the crash, George.
GA:  They would have heard it long ago if I had met you sooner.  That's 
     what a good army man needs, an intelligence section.  A G-[section] 
     to keep his eyes open. 
PH:  George, I'll come in with you.
GA:  No.  This is a solo mission.
PH:  If you feel up to it.  If you're all right.
GA:  All right.  I'm better than all right.  I'm cured.  You know what 
     did it?  It wasn't those doctors that did it.  It wasn't even my 
     everloving wife.  No, it was meeting you that's what did it.  
     Because tonight you gave me a dose of the most powerful medicine in 
     the world.  The truth. 

     [Scene ends.]     

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