Episode 60, scene 1.

     Harrington house.  Livingroom.  Dr. Rossi knocks five times and 
     then five more times, and is let in.  He talks with EMT Frank, 
     Leslie Harrington, and Sgt. Edward Goddard.  Two times Leslie calls 
     Sgt. Edward Goddard "Joe". 

MR:  Give me a tetanus hypo.
     [EMT Frank prepares a hypo.]
MR:  The bullet is still in him, apparently in the lung.  

MR:  [Speaking very rapidly]  Call the hospital and have them set up the 
     operating room for a thorasectomy.  Also ask them to get Dr. Morton.  
     I'll need his help.  And the x-ray technician.  Have them standing 
     by.  We'll give him plasma in the ambulance.
     [EMT goes to the phone which is by the front door.]

MR:  [Standing]  All right.  You can have him.  Keep him prone. 

MR:  [To Leslie]  What happened?
LH:  George Anderson broke into the house.  He wanted to kill me.
     Then Elliot Carson came and tried to stop him.  Somehow the gun 
     went off.
MR:  Where's George now?
EG:  Well, he was quiet when we got here.  But then he went wild.  I  
     had him taken down to the station, right away. 
MR:  Sargeant, you better call Dr. Kessler at Greenvale.  Anderson is a 
     patient of his.  Excuse me. 

     [Elliot Carson is rolled out on the stretcher.]

LH:  Dr. Rossi, how bad is it?
MR:  It's bad.
LH:  Will he live?
MR:  We'll, he's alive now.  Excuse me.
     [Rossi leaves.]
EG:  Mr. Harrington, I know this has been tough on you.  But I do have to 
     ask you a few questions.
LH:  Joe, I've already told you all the facts.  I'll come down to the 
     station tomorrow and answer any further questions. 
EG:  Sorry, Mr. Harrington.  I have to have certain things for my report, 
     right now. 
LH:  All right.  But I've had quite a night.
EG:  Well, I can appreciate that.  I won't take long.  What about that 
LH:  It's mine.  
EG:  Yours?
LH:  I took it out for protection.
EG:  What made you think you needed protection?
LH:  Well, George Anderson broke in here, after all.  He had been in my 
     office this afternoon, and he was quite abusive then.  Now look, I 
     have a permit for that gun.  I certainly have a right to protect my 
EG:  [Defensively]  I'm not accusing you of anything, Mr. Harrington.
LH:  Then why can't these questions wait?
EG:  Because a man was injured tonight with your gun.  I want to know how 
     George Anderson got a hold of it.
LH:  All right.  When I discovered George here, I covered him with the 
     revolver and ordered him to leave.
EG:  But he managed to take it away from you?
LH:  Yes.  He threatened me.  Then Elliot Carson came and tried to talk 
     to him.  When that didn't work, he lunged at him.  The gun went off.
     Now, certainly that's enough for your report.
EG:  It still leaves a few unanswered questions.

     [Matthew Swain comes in the front door.]

EG:  Oh, Mr. Swain.
MS:  Sargeant.
LH:  Hello, Matt.  We've had quite a time up here.
MS:  Yes, I know.  I called the station as soon as I heard the sirens.
LH:  Being a good newspaper man, you're also here to ask questions.  Joe, 
     here, has been grilling me as if I were a vagrant.  
EG:  I'm sorry for the inconvenience, Mr. Harrington.  You'll stop by in 
     the morning? 
LH:  I said I would.
EG:  All right.  Good night, sir.  Mr. Swain.

     [Sgt. Goddard leaves.]

MS:  You were pretty rude to him.  He's only doing his job.
LH:  I'm on the board that gave him that job, remember?
MS:  Leslie, you can't expect special treatment.  Not in a case like 
LH:  I know.  I know.  I just want time to organize my thoughts.
MS:  Uh, huh.  Before you organize them too carefully, suppose you tell 
     me what Elliot Carson was doing up here. 

     [End of scene]

[Frank is called by name in scene 3.]

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