Episode 060, scene 3.

     Matthew is continuing to talk with Leslie in the mansion.

LH:  Well, I have told you everything that happened.
MS:  You mean that Paul Hanley goaded George into this?
LH:  I think so, somehow.  Matt, I want you to soft-pedal this in the paper.
MS:  You do?
LH:  There's no reason to go into detail.  It can only cause trouble.
MS:  You've been asking for trouble for a long time, Leslie.
MS:  What do you mean?
MS:  I know about Elizabeth Carson's diary.
LH:  Oh.
MS:  I also know you threatened Constance.
LH:  I'm sorry about that, Matt.  I thought it was necessary.
MS:  Necessary?
LH:  At the time.
MS:  How could you even consider destroying Allison.
LH:  I was fighting to hold on to the mill.
MS:  Oh, yes.
LH:  For my sons.
MS:  All right.  The fight's over.  You've lost.  What are you going to do now?

MS:  I don't know what was in that diary.
LH:  There's nothing that could incriminate me in a court of law.
MS:  Not in a court, perhaps.  But it might incriminate you in the eyes 
     of Peyton Place.  The people you have lived with worked with . . .
     [Norman comes in.]
NH:  Hi, dad.  Mr. Swain.
MS:  . . . Perhaps even in your sons.
NH:  What's up?   We passed an ambulance and two police cars on the way 
LH:  Is your brother with you?
NH:  No.  Mr. Hanley gave me a lift home.
NH:  Dad, what happened?
LH:  There has been some excitement, Norman.  I'll explain it to you.
     [Matthew puts his overcoat on and prepares to leave.]
LH:  Thanks, Matt.  About that story.  I was wrong to ask what I did.
MS:  I know you were.
LH:  Just write what you feel like writing.
MS:  I always do.
LH:  Just remember one thing.  Whatever has happened lately, I was once 
     your very good friend. 
MS:  I remember that.  I also remember, once, that Lucifer was an angel.

     [Matthew Swain leaves.]
     [Leslie looks at Norman.]
     [Swain goes outside to the gate and talks with Paul.]

PH:  Hello.  I brought Norman home.
MS:  Yes, I know.
PH:  I thought I would wait around for a while.
     Natually I assumed . . .
MS:  You assumed that Leslie Harrington was hurt.  That's the way you 
     planned it, isn't it?  George shot Elliot Carson. 
PH:  Elliot?  What was Elliot doing up here?
MS:  Trying to undo the trouble you started.

     [Paul gets in his car and leaves.]

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