Dialog from Episode 60, scene 4.

      Hospital waiting room.  An orderly is pushing a cart.  Another 
      orderly is there also.  Miss Choate rushes in.

MC:  [To an orderly]  Be sure the x-ray plates are ready.

     [To Betty]  Did you reach Dr. Morton?
BA:  Yes, he's on his way over.
MC:  You stay here on the desk.  We'll need miss Thompson in OR.

     [Rossi comes in followed by the EMT Frank and the ambulance driver 
      pushing the stretcher.]

MR:  Frank, pick up the chart.
O:   What happened?
EF:  Some guy named Anderson shot him.
O:   Bad?
EF:  Pretty bad.
BA:  Oh no.  Dr. Rossi.  No.  He didn't do it.
MR:  Listen, I think you had better go home.  Stay with your mother.
BA:  I can't leave the desk.
MR:  Frank.  Take over the desk until miss Choate sends for someone.
MR:  Betty, go home, now.

     [Constance comes in.]

CM:  Betty.
BA:  Where's my mother.
CM:  She's home.  She needs you.

CM:  [To Frank]  I'm looking for Dr. Rossi.
EF:  Sorry, ma'am, he is the operation room.
CM:  Is he still alive?
EF:  He was two minutes ago.
     [Dr. Morton comes in the reception area.]

CM:  Dr. Morton.
RM:  I'm Sorry, I can't stop now.

     [End of scene]

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