Episode 60, scene 8.

     Constance is still in the hospital waiting room.  A nurse rushes
     by without answering Constance as Matthew Swain comes in. 

CM:  Nurse?     
MS:  Connie.
CM:  Oh, Matt.  I'm so glad you're here.
MS:  Where is he?
CM:  Michael's operating.
MS:  Oh, he's in good hands.  Come on.  Let's find a place to sit down.
CM:  No.  I want to stay here, Matt.
MS:  Connie.
CM:  I'm all right, Matt.  Really.
CM:  You know, somethings happened, Matt.  Since Elliot came back to 
     Peyton Place, I thought I knew how I felt.  I guess I was just 
     worried what might happen to Allison and me. 
MS:  And tonight?
CM:  I find myself wondering what might happen to Elliot Carson.

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