Episode 60, scene 9.

     Livingroom of the Harrington mansion.

RH:  Why Dad?  Why would George Anderson try to kill you?
LH:  George is a very sick man.
RH:  Yes but.  You don't suppose it was because of you and . . .
NH:  Go ahead.  Say what you started to say.  Dad and who?
LH:  I know you must be puzzled by all of this.  Believe me, If i could 
     explain it I would.  There's bound to be a lot of talk about tonight.
NH:  What kind of talk?
LH:  The usual conjecture.  Violence always stirs up a lot of questions. 
     Right now my main concern is Elliot Carson. 
RH:  Dad?
LH:  I'm going into town.
RH:  Listen, do you want me to go with you?
LH:  Thank you Rodney.  I better go alone.

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