Episode 063, scene 3.

     Paul calls the hospital and speaks with a nurse.

PH:  Now look, nurse.  I'm not asking you to divulge any state secrets. 
     I'm merely requesting a simple statement as to Carson's condition.  

PH:  What?  Critical.  I see.  Cricical.  Well, specifically what does 
     that mean?  You know, I would be happy if you would just give me the 
     medical term for it and I'll figure it out myself. 

     [The nurse hangs up on Paul.] 
PH:  That's a good girl.  Stick to the rule book. 

     [Knock at the door.]
PH:  Who is it?    
AM:  May I come in?
PH:  Why yes.
AM:  Well, aren't you going to invite me to sit down?
PH:  Oh, sit down.  Yes.  Here, sit down.

     [Allison removes her coat.]

PH:  Are you playing hookey from school?  Well, what pray tell me brings the 
     virtuous lady Allison into the lion's den? 
AM:  I'm not sure.  
PH:  I see.  
AM:  Last night when you said there's trouble in the glen, 
     what did you mean?  You knew about my father didn't you? 
PH:  I don't know what you mean.
AM:  Does everyone in Peyton Place know that Elliot Carson is my father?

AM:  Illegitimate.  I believe that's the word, isn't it, Mr. Hanley.

AM:  It's a beautiful word.  Beautiful.  Everything is beautiful.  My 
     beautiful virtuous mother with all her beautiful lies.  Everything 
     she ever told me was a lie.  Everything anybody ever told me was a 
     lie.  Did you know that?  Except for you.  You were the only one who 
     told me the truth.  Mr. Hanley, I was living in a dream world. 
PH:  Allison, you know a certain amount of dreaming is necessary in order 
     to make life bearable. 
AM:  A little girl's dream world.  I remember once you told me that one 
     day it would all topple.  And all my little values, that's the way 
     you said it, all my little values would go up in smoke.  I thought 
     you were being cynical.  But you were being honest.  I think that's 
     why I came here to you, instead of to anyone else. 

PH:  And what did you want me to say to you, Allison?
AM:  I didn't want you to say anything.
PH:  You decided to reject all your little values.  Is that it?  Why?  As 
     an act of defiance?  To punish your mother?  Allison, tell me why? 
AM:  Because I didn't want to be treated like a child anymore.
PH:  I see.  

PH:  You know, I'm often upset when I hear a platitude that turns out to 
     be the truth.  Heaven really does protect the innocent.

PH:  Allison, I am emotionally exhausted by youth and innocence and self 
     pity.  I'm tired of talking.  I'm tired of talking about values and 
     philosophies and always carefully placing little blocks in the 
     pathways of your mind. 

PH:  There.  There I go again playing with words.  Allison, you don't 
     belong here.  You belong at the hospital with your father. 
AM:  No.  No, I can't.  I'm not ready.  
PH:  Why?  Why aren't you ready?  Because your personal little world 
     crumbled around your ears? 
AM:  I haven't had time.  I don't know what I feel.  I don't know who I 

PH:  Well, until you do, you'll remain a child.
AM:  I need time.
PH:  Allison, there isn't any.  His condition is critical.  He may die.  
     Come on.

     [End of scene.]

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