Episode 64, scene 2.

     Paul comes in the Tavern to drink and talk.

AJ:  Business hasn't been this good since the world series.  One thing 
     about a shooting, Paul, you can always count on it to bring out the 
     bar trade.  

AJ:  Do you think Elliot Carson will make it? 
PH:  I hope so.
AJ:  I'll bet you do.
PH:  Ada.  I didn't want all this to happen.
AJ:  Not to Elliot.  No.
        [Ada comes over to Paul and takes a drink.]
No.  You haven't changed, Paul.  You're still a mean little kid carrying 
     tales and trying to stir up trouble.  
PH:  George Anderson didn't have a gun.  I had no way of knowing . . .
AJ:  . . . And making excuses.  You were good at that, too. 
PH:  Oh, I was good at everything.  Except love.  I knew where to look 
     for it.  But, I never seemed to find it. 
AJ:  I remember you always tagging after Elizabeth.
PH:  Until she pushed me away.  Do you remember that?  The slap the 
     shove.  Go away Paul.  Don't bother me. 
AJ:  You're a pest.  No girl wants a kid brother dogging her foot steps 
     every minute of the day. 

PH:  Dogging her footsteps.  Paul, a beaten puppy with his tail still 
     wagging, bringing a bone home to my master. 

PH:  Father, Elizabeth did.  Elizabeth said.  Elizabeth put on lipstick, 
     went to a movie show.  Kissed a boy in the balcony.  I'd tell him and 
     he'd beat me so he could purge his anger and go on loving his daughter. 
AJ:  It won't do any good to go on blaming the dead, Paul.
        [Ada starts to walk away.]
AJ:  The living are going to hold the blame right on you.

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