Episode 64, scene 6.
                        Note the mis-spelling.
                     As though her name were Ada Jack.

        Paul is still drinking in the Tavern as Rodney comes in.

RH:  Hanley.  
        [Rodney sits.]
RH:  You owe me some answers.
PH:  Rodney, you seem a bit confused.  I'm a member of the faculty, 
     not one of your classmates rivalling for a coed's affections. 
RH:  This has nothing to do with Allison.  
PH:  Oh?
RH:  It's about last night, just before Elliot Carson was shot.
AJ:  I'll have to see your ID before I can serve you.
RH:  No.  Ma'am.  I'm not here to drink.  Just to talk to him. 
AJ:  It's up to you.
PH:  If you want to talk about the shooting, why ask me?  Ask your 
RH:  My father has nothing to hide.
PH:  Rodney, the righteous.  Armored in ignorance and spoiling for a 
RH:  How did you goad George Anderson into trying to kill my father?
PH:  That's a ridiculous assumption.
RH:  You were with him earlier in the evening.
PH:  We may have had a couple of drinks together.  But what happened 
     after that is . . . 
RH:  . . . was because you put him up to it.  Oh, how and why, I don't 
     know.  Maybe you just got bored and wanted to see what would happen. 
PH:  I assure you, I don't think of violence as a form of entertainment.  
     On the contrary, I have always held a deep belief that a murderer 
     should pay for his crime. 
RH:  Like Elliot Carson who did 18 years in prison and wound up with a 
     bullet in his chest.  
PH:  Perhaps like the man who is really responsible for what happened to 
RH:  You're talking about yourself.
PH:  Hardly.
RH:  Then of whom?
PH:  I'm sorry.  I've had my fill of conducting tours through the 
     labyrinth.  You'll have to find yourself another guide. 
RH:  That's no answer.  
PH:  I gave you a better one.  Ask your father.
RH:  Why do you keep telling me to ask him?
PH:  Because, if there's any man who knows the way, it is Leslie 
     Harrington.  Ask him, Rodney.  Ask him what my sister, Elizabeth, 
     had in common with George Anderson's wife, Julie.  And ask him how 
     your mother felt about that.  Ask him what my sister wrote in the 
     diary.  And ask him about the whole tissue of lies and deceits and 
     silences woven around a murder and a mockery of justice. 
RH:  You're lying.
PH:  No.  I'm not any making accusations, I'm simply suggesting something 
     that you might ask him.
RH:  You've got this whole thing all so confused, I'm not even sure what 
     you are saying. 

RH:  What did my father do?
PH:  To whom?
     To you?  To your mother?  To Elliot carson?  To the honor of a town?
RH:  Stop it.
PH:  I asked you what my father did.  I want a simple answer.
PH:  Yeah, you would.  You look at the incredible tortured geometry of a 
     dozen lives.  And then you expect me to tell you that one plus one 
     equals two. 
RH:  Hanley.
PH:  You want a simple answer.  All right.  I'll give it to you.  Your 
     father killed my sister. 

        [End of scene.]