Episode 69, scene 2.

     Eli has just returned from Florida and he and Elliot are 
     in the beach house getting dressed for Elliot's wedding. 

EC:  Well . . . 
        [Gestures, as if to say, "How do I look?"]
Eli: You look fine, just fine.  Fine.  Here, help me with this blamed 
     thing, will you? 
        [Elliot helps Eli with his tie.]
EC:  I thought a father was supposed to help his son on a day like this. 
Eli: Not me.  I'm strictly an open neck man.
EC:  That's good.
Eli: I come all the way from Florida just to get strangled.
EC:  I am glad you did come, Dad.
Eli: So am I, Elliot.

Eli: I don't plan on going back.
EC:  Oh?
Eli: I belong right here in Peyton Place.
EC:  Well, according to Dr. Rossi . . .
Eli: Dr. Rossi said I couldn't take the winters.  Fine.  Winter's gone
     and I'm here.  By next fall I'll be able to take Alaska.  You just 
     wait and see. 
EC:  Well, whatever you say, Dad.
Eli: My roots are here.  Not way down there on some sandy beach.

Eli: And I won't trouble you.
EC:  Of course you won't.  
Eli: I'll take my old room by the Chandlery.  I won't bother you and Connie. 
EC:  You would never be a bother to me and you know it.
Eli: So you are going to rent this place, huh?  Won't be coming back here 
     after today?
EC:  No, Dad, there are too many unpleasant memories here.  I think we'll 
     be much more happier at Constance's house. 
Eli: Um, maybe.
EC:  After all, it's more convenient to town.  College for Allison.
Eli: You don't have to justify it to me, Elliot.
EC:  I'm not justifying anything, Dad.
Eli: That's what I mean.  Son, I wish you every happiness.  You know 
     that.  My only worry is, well, you're taking on a lot of 
     responsibility as husband, father, head of the family.  Now, that's 
     something that everyman needs to be a whole man.  But, most men have 
     a chance to assume this gradually over a period of years. 
EC:  Oh, I see what you are talking about.  You mean, that I can't expect the 
     same authority that I would have otherwise. 
Eli: Exactly, Connie has been living alone, managing her own affairs for 
     18 years.  Allison, well she's had no one but her mother to answer to. 
     Now with you coming into their house . . . 
EC:  Now, Connie and I have discussed it thoroughtly, Dad.  We are both 
     aware that there might be pitfalls and dangers ahead.  We are both 
     very much in love. 
Eli: All right, I'm just an old man who thought he ought to say something 
     to his son on his wedding day.
EC:  Well.  Just say "good luck" and I'll know that no one in the world 
     could say it with more honesty. 
Eli: Good luck.

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