Episode 70 scene 3.  Dialog between Gorby and the Schusters:

        Raymond Golby knocks on the open door of the mansion.

Doris:  Can I help you?
RG:     Mrs. Schuster, I imagine?
Doris:  Yes.  
RG:     I'm Mr. Gorby, Martin Peyton's man.
Doris:  Oh, won't you please come in?  How is Mr. Peyton?
RG:     Enjoying his poor health as best he can, I imagine.

        David walks in carrying a box of books.

David:  Somebody left these books in the kitchen.  But...   
Doris:  David.

        David sets the box down on the stairs.

RG:     How do you do Mr. Schuster?
David:  Hello.
Doris:  This is ...
RG:     Raymond Gorby, Martin Peyton's man.
David:  Oh, is he here?         
RG:     Oh no, Mr. Schuster.  He can't come here.  But he did send me, 
        with this.  

        Gorby hands the package to David.

RG:     Mr. Peyton wanted me to say, welcome to his house.  And he 
        particularily wanted me to thank Mrs. Schuster for her kind letter. 

        Golby bows and leaves.

Doris:  Goodbye.
David:  Thank you.
Doris:  David, now I really feel like we've been welcomed to this house.
David:  What letter did you send him?
Doris:  Oh, I just wished him well.
David:  Why didn't you tell me that you had sent him one?
Doris:  It was a little personal note.  I told him how glad I was that 
        he gave you this job.  And how glad you were. 
David:  But why did you write it?
Doris:  David, why didn't you?
David:  Now listen, Doris.  I don't want to fight this over and over again.
        I don't want to be manipulated.  I don't want to feel that I'm 
        holding this job because you know when it's right to send a note 
        to Martin Peyton.  All I want is to do that job.  If I fail, it 
        will be on my own terms.  Not yours. 
Doris:  Yes, David.

        David opens the package.

David:  Gods will:  Some to walk the earth . . .  Some to be trampled down.

Note:   The name Golby was changed to Gorby because of Rodney's 
        pronunciation of the name in Episode 151.

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