Episode 73 scene 3.

     Dialog between Rodney and Allison.

     Allison is locking the Book Gallery and preparing to leave.
     Rodney drives up in his convertible and honks.

RH:  Hello, Allison.
AM:  Hello.
RH:  Had you right in my sights, too.
AM:  10 points off for hitting a pedestrian on the sidewalk.  Better 
     luck next time.
RH:  Your chariot awaits without.
AM:  Without me, I'm afraid.  I need the air.
RH:  Well, you may need the air, but I think these carrots have had it.  
     And that celery.  Look at that celery.  Doctor, I think it needs a 
AM:  I'm sorry.  I'd like to come but I have to go to the Chandlery.
RH:  Allison, I know Eli Carson is your grandfather.  The whole town 
     knows it.
AM:  And accept it.
RH:  Oh, Allison, they're going to be talking about this for a long long 
     time.  And about the Harringtons.  About all of us.  When you come 
     right down to it, it's quite a good deal to talk about.  My father 
     let your father go to prison for a murder that my mother committed. 
     That's quite a situation.  But it doesn't have to be a problem, not 
     for us, Allison.  Oh, come to the party. 
AM:  What party?
RH:  The paint party.
AM:  Oh, you're painting out the Hanleys? 
RH:  We're painting in the Harringtons.  I imagine there'll be more 
     partying than painting.  But . . . 
AM:  I'm sorry.  I'd like to.  I really would.  I can't.

     [Allison does a 180 and heads toward the Chandlery.]

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