Episode 73, Scene 6.

     Painting party in the Harrington Apartment over the Pharmacy.
     Rita, Norman, Rodney, Abby, Bud and other friends are there.

RH:  On behalf of the many, many requests, mainly from board of health, 
     I christen thee Harrington House. 
FS:  Hear, Hear.  [Applause].
RH:  Is the demolition squad ready?
MF:  Demolition squad ready.
RH:  Attack.

     [Allison arrives, unexpectedly.]

RH:  Well.
AM:  Hello.
RH:  I didn't think you were coming with your folks back at home.
AM:  Well, they decided not to come back til tomorrow.
RH:  Great.
AM:  Where's Norman?
RH:  I don't know.  We haven't found the sulking corner yet.
AM:  Well, if I find out where it is, I'll let you know.
RH:  Come on.  You can put your coat right in there.
AM:  Thank you.

MF:  Are you sure that Michelangelo started off this way?
RH:  Uh, you are supposed to be aiming at the ceiling.  So, come on.  At 
     least the walls. 
F:   Well, All artists are a bit erratic.
FF:  Who knows.  You may start a trend in Peyton Place.  Speckled 
     furniture, speckled floor.
RH:  Speckled tenants. 
MF:  How would you like a mural up here?
RH:  I don't know.  

     [Allison walks over to the kitchen area where Norman is sulking.]

AM:  Hello.
NH:  Oh.  Hi.
AM:  I brought you a present.  Happy Housewarming.
     [Norman places the mailbox on top of the stove.]

NH:  Thanks.

     [Norman takes the present and puts present down.]

AM:  Aren't you going to open it?
No.  No, that's big brother's job.  I'm sure he'll love it.
AM:  Well, It's only some salt, some matches, and some bread.  Basic 
     needs.  Traditional gift. 

NH:  Great.

NH:  Well, aren't you going to join Tom Sawyer and the rest of the merry 
AM:  I don't feel much like painting.
NH:  Now seriously.  Didn't you know, the family that paints together 
     stays together. 

NH:  See, when big brother says have a party, you have a party.
AM:  And if you don't, he you puts you in room one-oh-one.
NH:  Paint.  Paint.  Paint.
AM:  And if you aren't having fun, he hits you with this.  

     [Allison touches a bread board.]

     [Rita walks over to the sulking corner.

RJ:  Norm.  You didn't say whether you liked the curtains I made.
NH:  What can you say about curtains?
AM:  I think they're very nice.
RJ:  You don't think they're too busy?
NH:  The busier the better.  That way you can always feel like you're 
     doing something.  Even when you're not.

     [Rodney comes over.]

RH:  Rita, thank you.  The curtains are nice.
NH:  My brother.  The perfect host.
RH:  Norm, this is just as much your house as it is mine.
NH:  How can you call it a house?
RH:  House.  Apartment.  What difference does it make.  It's ours isn't 
     it.  Fifty-fifty, remember?
NH:  Yeah.  Half of Paul Hanley's cast off apartment.  Ironic, isn't it?  
     He starts the wheels turning and we wind up here. 
RH:  It's still ours.
NH:  Why.  Pretending we're a couple of college kids on a lark.  Slap on 
     all the white wash you want.  It won't change a thing Rod.  We 
     don't belong here. 

     [Norman gets up and heads to the door.]

AM:  Norman.

     [Norman leaves.]

RH:  No.  I think he's much better off, alone.  Excuse me.

     [Allison picks up the mailbox.  It reads Harrington.]

Calvin Hanley died at the end of episode 48.
Mr. Arvin, the appraiser did his inventory in episode 49.
Paul finds Elizabeth's diary in Calvin's trunk in episode 50.
Elliot finds Elizabeth's diary in the beach house in episode 50.
It is inferred in this episode that Paul Hanley may have lived in the 
  apartment for a while.  His other living quarters were not discussed. 

The Bud in this scene is the same Bud that chatted briefly with George 
Anderson before he took Betty to the Shoreline teen hangout in scene 3 of 
episode 6.  This is not the same Bud who accompanied Norman to the 
Shoreline when Norman was hit on by Rita in scene 3 of episode 52.

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