Episode 73 scene 7.

        Dialog between David and Doris Schuster.

        [David returns to the mansion and is handed a drink by Doris.]

Doris:  David.
David:  Yes.
Doris:  I'm in here darling.
David:  Well.
Doris:  For you.
David:  Thank you.
David:  The place looks really good, darling.
Doris:  Thank you.  I wanted everything to be just perfect by the time that you 
        got home tonight. 
        Did you have a rough day? 
David:  Yes.  I guess I'm not as organized as you are on the home front.
Doris:  Apparently there was a Mrs. Chernak who used to work part time for the 
        Harringtons.  I've hired her.  And in no time she'll be retrained in my 
David:  [Laughing]  Good.  Where's Kim?
Doris:  She's in bed.  She's bathed and she's had her dinner.
David:  Peace.  It's wonderful.

David:  Oh, by the way what did the Warrens say?  You did talk to New York? 
        [Kim is slipping out.] 

Doris:  Yes.  I spoke to both Mr. and Mrs. Warren.
        They're against the idea.
David:  They won't let Amy come here?
Doris:  No.  Amy's not coming.
David:  Did you tell her what we would pay?   It's more than she could possibly 
        make at the Wade school as as apprentice teacher. 
Doris:  That's not the point, David.  They're apprehensive.
        They feel that Amy has more security with the school for the deaf where 
        she is surrounded by children of her own kind.
David:  She's not a child.  She must be 18 years old.  Must they still shelter 
Doris.  Apparently they are a close knit family.  They don't want her to leave 
David:  Well, What about the school here in Peyton Place.  Will they make any 
        special arrangements?
Doris:  I talked with the principal today.  They just don't have the facilities 
        to deal with a deaf child.
David:  Well, that's the ball game.
Doris:  Of course, David.  Just give up so easily.
David:  What do you suggest we do?
Doris:  Why don't we send her to that special school in Boston.  Then she can 
        come home on week-ends.  That would be great, wouldn't it?
David:  Well, that's ridiculous we both have no intention of doing that.
        Why do you even bring that up?
Doris:  Because, David, I feel you fighting me at every corner.
David:  Now look Doris.  We both knew that there are no facilities for the deaf 
        in a small town. You kept harping on the fact that you would find a way.
Doris:  David.  Let me tutor her.
David:  Do you think that you can even get her to talk to you?  Let alone learn 
        from you? 
Doris:  Let me try, David.  Please, let me try.  
David:  All right.  What else can we do?
        I'm going upstairs for just a minute to say goodnight to Kim.
        [David goes upstairs.]

David:  [Shouting]  Doris.
Doris:  Yes, David.
David:  [Insisting]  Come here.  
        [Doris goes upstairs.]

David:  She's not in her bed and I can't find her.  She's taken her doll.  
        We've got to find her. 
        [Dramatic music] 

        [End of scene and episode.]

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