Episode 79, scene 1.

     Ted Dowell returns from Steven's room at the Inn comes in the 
     Clarion to collect Mrs. Dowell and to speak with Matthew Swain. 
TD:  Sorry you had to wait, my dear.  It took me longer than I expected 
     to pick up these papers. 
AD:  Matt kept me entertained.
TD:  Oh, you always do.
AD:  Ted says you're the most dangerous bachelor in Peyton Place.
MS:  Well, that's just the flattery of an old friend.
AD:  [Laughs]  Goodnight, Matt.
MS:  Goodnight.  
MS:  Ted, what was your impression of David Schuster?
TD:  He seems like a capable man.  I can understand why Martin Peyton 
     put him in charge of the mill. 
MS:  Good night.

     [End of scene]

Note:  Your reviewer was under the impression that Mrs. Dowell's given 
       name was Andrea.  However, the script for episode 79 that 
       found its way into our possession gives the name as Agnes.  The scene 
       in which it occurs was not broadcast.  Evidently the script was a 
       preliminary one and was stamped "Received Mar 19, 1965 Adrian 
       Samish."  In the upper right hand corner "SHOOTING FINAL" is typed.  
       It is possible that Warner Anderson flubbed his line when he spoke 
       "Agnes" or "Andrea," and for that reason the scene was deleted.  If 
       one of the fans can shed light on this puzzlement, an email would 
       be appreciated. 

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