Episode 79, scene 3.

     Your reviewer's tape has very weak sound.  Some of the dialog is 
     not audible.  Parts of the transcription are only a guess from the 

     Steven Cord comes in the Tavern and sits at the far end of the 
     bar.] Ada walks over. 

AJ:  Yes?
SC:  Bourbon.  Water on the side.
SC:  Two cubes of ice, in the water.
     [Ada prepares the drink.]
AJ:  I hope this is all right.
SC:  It will be.
SC:  You're Ada.
AJ:  I'm Ada.  Who are you?
SC:  Steven Cord.
AJ:  Oh, you're Hanna's son.  How is she?
SC:  Fine.  
AJ:  And how's Martin.  I mean, Mr. Peyton?
SC:  He won't be back.
AJ:  Oh, I'm Sorry.  I am sorry.
SC:  I didn't think you would be anything else.
SC:  Eddie's gone.
AJ:  Who told you that?
SC:  My mother.  She told me.
AJ:  You have your Bourbon.  You have your water and you have your two 
     cubes of ice.  Have it on the house and don't come back. 
SC:  Ada?
AJ:  Mrs. Jacks.
SC:  Mrs. Jacks, I didn't come here to have an argument.
AJ:  That's good.
SC:  But I did come here for a reason. 
SC:  I came to see you.
AJ:  Why?
SC:  Because I remembered you.  I remembered you when I was a child.
SC:  You had long hair.  Golden.  Golden.  To me it seemed Golden.
     You were very beautiful
AJ:  You needed a fairy godmother.
SC:  No fairy godmother for me.
SC:  Only a great king.
AJ:  Uh huh.
SC:  And two princes.
SC:  I saw the two princes tonight.
SC:  They were having dinner at the Inn with Dr. Rossi.
SC:  They didn't recognize me, of course.
SC:  There was some kind of an argument.
SC:  Thank you.
SC:  And one of them got up and left.
SC:  Norman Harrington.
AJ:  Why did you come back?
SC:  Norman, I mean.
AJ:  He was his mother's boy.  He took her death hard, Never got over it. 
SC:  How did he go for this father calling the mother a murderer.
AJ:  He didn't.
SC:  How about Rodney?
AJ:  Rodney is different.
SC:  Why was Norman so rotten.
AJ:  What's here in this town for you?
SC:  A job.
AJ:  That's all.
SC:  A place to drop in from time to time.
AJ:  That's all.
SC:  And to talk.
AJ:  About old times?
SC:  And you?
     [Steven attempts to pay for his drink.]
AJ:  That's on the house.

     [Rita is watching from the back room.]
     [Ada goes in to talk with Rita.]

RJ:  Who was that?
AJ:  Oh, someone who used to live here, when he was a kid.
RJ:  Who was it?
AJ:  His mother is Martin Peyton's house keeper.
AJ:  What did you do tonight?
RJ:  I saw a movie.
AJ:  Alone?
RJ:  Why not?  I saw a couple of kids down there, but I didn't go out 
     with them though.  I thought maybe I would see Norman. 
AJ:  Go slow, Rita.
RJ:  Why? 
AJ:  From what I hear, Norman Harrington is all wrought up.
RJ:  Well, that's no reason not to just drop him.
AJ:  How would you like to go away, to school?
RJ:  You mean like to a girl's school, a finishing school?
AJ:  Yeah.  I've got the money.
RJ:  Norman has a car.
RJ:  And then what?
RJ:  Mother, what's the trouble?
AJ:  This town never was good for me.  It won't be good for you.
     [Ada goes in the bedroom.]

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