Episode 279, Scene 4.

     Dr. Rossi comes in the reception room and speaks to the duty nurse.

MR:  Is Dr. Morton in the labor room?  Dr. Claire Morton?
     [Dr. Claire Morton rushes up.]
CM:  You're too late, doctor.  Peyton Place just had a population 
     explosion of one.
MR:  Oh, that's wonderful.
CM:  Thank you for coming.
MR:  Is everything all right?
CM:  Fine.  Fine.  I'm sorry I bothered you.
MR:  Think nothing of it.  What happened?
CM:  I don't know.  Just a moment of indecision.  Now I feel foolish 
     about it. 
MR:  Everyone is allowed a moment of indecision.
     [Rodney comes into the reception room from outside.]
MR:  Oh, Rod and I were having dinner together.  It turns out he is a 
     friend of the new father.
CM:  Hello, Rodney.
RH:  Dr. Morton.  Who's the father.
CM:  Mr. Sinclair.  Now there's a Mr. Sinclair, Jr.
RH:  He had a boy.  That's great.
CM:  Why do men always say that?
RH:  Well, where is he?
MR:  Waiting outside the delivery room, I suspect.
RH:  Well, can I go see him?
CM:  I'ts really against the rules. But if miss Choate happens to say 
     anything, tell her that I said it was all right. 
     [Rodney leaves.] 
CM:  Did I say something wrong, Mike.
MR:  He was married to Betty Anderson.
CM:  I didn't know.
MR:  Well, you've been away.  Betty lost her baby.
CM:  How terrible for her.
MR:  Yes. 
CM:  How can she stand to work here?
MR:  Well, life goes on, doesn't it?
CM:  Sometimes it has to.
MR:  Look, why don't we celebrate your first triumph here with a cup of 
     that wonderful hospital coffee. 
MR:  [Speaking to the duty nurse.]  Oh, will you tell Mr. Harrington 
     when he gets back that we'll be in the personnel lounge. 

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