Episode 79, Scene 6.

     Dr. Rossi and Dr. Claire Morton, still wearing her scrubs, talk in 
     the personnel lounge. 

in work

CM:  I would like to discuss the nature panic.
[Rossi comes over to the table and sits with Claire.]

What I said before goes both ways.
Tonight I
professional face
suddenly that apathetic
I wanted to learn
All of a sudden I was back i Peru
wanting to give their children life
home I came from
I had all the life
'That's what they wanted, my life for theemselves
The grteat Dr. Vincent Markham
Plead with them
Pay with them
nothing will holy
MR:  What did you do about
CM:  I tried Michale
but that wasn't what they wanted
In the dtradition of Dr. Robert Morton, I tried for perfection
In the tradition of Dr. Vincent Markham, I ttried to bea a saint.
He wanted me to be a woman.

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