Episode 79, scene 9.

        David and Doris are driving home.

David:  Not a bad dinner.
Doris:  Uh, huh.
David:  We don't get lobster like that in New York.
Doris:  Peyton Place does have it's good moments.
David:  Yes, good and bad.
Doris:  Oh, David.
David:  Well it wasn't exactly social evening was it.  Dowell and I 
          sizing each other up. 
Doris:  It happens all the time in New York.
David:  Yes the custom of the country.  Have dinner, polite 
          converssation, feel each other out, over drinks like a point. 
          Why does everybody have to have a point? 
Doris:  It's the Custom of the country.  I have mine.
David:  I thought you liked it.
Doris:  Ha. Ha. Ha. Mrs. Dowell was an absolute witch.
David:  Well, you were moving pretty fast with that hospital auxiliary. 
Doris:  I want to do something here, David.  I can't just stay home 
          every minute. 
David:  Minding Kim.
Doris:  All right.  again.
David:  Ok, I'm sorry.

                [David puts his arm around her]

Doris:  It did upset me.
David:  How?
Doris:  My dear, tell me how did you and your husband meet?
David:  Well, if she sounded like that, I think she was asking for
Doris:  This is a small town, David.  They want to know all about their 
Doris:  Everybody's your neighbor here.
          They will start out out by finding out we weren't and then 
          they'll find out that you were married. 
David:  Then tell them a story.
David:  I mean ordinary.
Doris.  Kim's is not ordinary.
David:  No, Kim is not ordinary.  And maybe we're not as ordinary as I 
        sometimes like to think.  But we don't have to defend 
        ourselves even if this is as small town. 

                [from the preview]

David:  If we do.  If you feel that we do then we'd better go back to 
        New York.
Doris:  Now, you're blaming me for making you come here.  We're back to that 
David:  Well you brought me to it.
Doris:  Yeah.

                [David stops the car to talk.]

David:  Now listen.  This is a new environment but it's still us.  Isn't 
Doris:  Yes.

                [They engage in a long kiss.]

David:  I may have written about it, huh?
Doris:  Okay.

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