Episode 80, scene 2.

David: Good morning.
Doris: Good morning, Darling.
          [Doris rings the tiny glass dinner bell.]
Doris  How are you?
          [Doris walks over and kisses David.]
Doris: Mrs. Chernak, you may serve breakfast, now.
David: Oh, I just want some coffee.
Doris: Oh, no, no.  You have to have a good breakfast.
          [Picks up Clarion.]
Doris: Did you have a bad night?
David: That is putting it mildly.
Doris: That is so unusual for you.

Doris: Uh, Mister Grouchy, may I have part of the paper?

Doris: Thank you.

Doris: Uh, could I ask you one question and then you can munch in 
       peace?  What was on your mind?
David: Business.
Doris: Oh.  Why, thank you.  Now you can sulk happily.
David: Oh, it is just that I am going to have a rough week and last 
       night, in the middle of the night, it occurred to me how rough 
       it is going to be. 

Doris: Well, David, you'll take care of everything.
David: I'll do what has to be done.  I just hope I can do it well.
Doris: Is something in particular bothering you?
David: I have to lay off some workers.
Doris: What do you mean, lay them off?
David: I've got to fire them.

David: Things Leslie Harrington should have caught.  There is too much 
       duplication.  You can imagine how popular that is going to make 
       me around here. 
David: Is Kim still asleep?
Doris: No, no.  She's up in her room.  After what Allison told us last 
       night about Kim talking to herself, I thought I could get her to 
       talk to me. 
         [Anna places a plate in front of David.]
David: Good morning.
AC:    Good morning, Mr. Schuster.
David: Well, we have to be patient, Darling.

Doris: David, what do you think about hiring Allison as a sort of 
       companion for Kim.
         [Anna overhears.]

       Thank you
       Why not?  She's been able to get through to Kim.

David: Well, how can we be sure about the Mackenzie girl.
         [Anna volunteers a comment.]
AC:    You can trust her, no matter what you have heard.
David: What do you mean, no matter what we have heard?
         [Holding back]
AC:    Well, you'll hear it.  
         [Anna heads for the kitchen.]
Doris: Mrs. Chernak.
         [Anna stops.]
AC:    You won't get it from me.
         [Anna continues into the kitchen.]
Doris: What was that all about.
David: I don't know.  But we had better find out.
Doris: We'll find out, David.  It is a small town.
David: Wait a minute.  Maybe I wasn't imagining it.  Last night when I 
       took Allison home, her stepfather acted very strangely.  He 
       didn't say anything.  But it was the way he looked at me.  But 
       suddenly felt like I was a teenager bringing his daughter home 
       from a date.  Like I had something to feel guilty about. 
Doris: Curious.
         [Doris takes a sip of coffee.]
Doris: You didn't talk about it when you came home last night.
David: Well, why should I?  I have nothing to feel guilty about?