Episode 81, scene 1.

     Julie and Betty are walking toward the Bank Building.
     Dowell opens the door to his outer office and calls to Steven Cord.

TD:  Steven.
     [Steven comes into Dowell's inner office and is handed the letter.]
TD:  Martin Peyton.  Why in the world does he want a signed requisition 
     of stock verifications that have already been made?
SC:  Well, This time Mr. Peyton has outdone himself.
TD:  You mean he didn't inflict these on Wainwright?
SC:  No.  Some new fancy.
TD:  I wonder if he is trying to test my efficiency or merely my patience.
SC:  They'll need Schuster's signature.  
TD:  Can you take them over this afternoon?
SC:  Oh, well, I . . .
TD:  Any time this afternoon will be fine.

     [Phone rings.]

TD:  Hello.  Oh, hello, Mark.
TD:  [To Steven]  Will you excuse me?
TD:  Yes, about your ruling on the Anderson case.

     [Steven goes in the outer office and closes the door.]
     [Julie and Betty go to Theordore Dowell's law office.]

JA:  I'm Mrs. Anderson.  I have an appointment with Mr. Dowell.
SC:  Well, he's on the phone, but it shouldn't be long.  I'm Steven 
     Cord, his new associate.
JA:  How do you do?  

JA:  My daughter, Betty.
SC:  Hello, miss Anderson.
BA:  [Betty truns and faces Steven.]  Hello.
SC:  I'm sure you can go in now.
JA:  Thank you.

     [Julie and Betty go into Dowell's inner office.]

TD:  Mrs. Anderson.  Betty.  How are you?  Sit down.
JA:  Thank you.
TD:  You asked me to get your husband transferred from the institution 
     where he's now being treated. 
BA:  Where he's being confined.
JA:  George wasn't himself when he shot Elliot Carson.  He had been 
     goaded into it. 
TD:  Yes, but there was an intended victim.  Leslie Harrington.
BA:  And other grievances.
TD:  Yes.  

     [Dowell sits on the couch by Betty.]

TD:  Yes.  It was admitted at the time that your father was not of 
     sound mind when he committed the assualt.  And apparenty he's no 
     where near recovery.  I'm sorry Betty, but I must talk with you 
     frankly, even bluntly.   
BA:  How can he be expected to recover being kept behind bars?
TD:  In a hospital, Betty.  It's a custodial arrangement until he's 
     able to stand trial.
BA:  Let's not pretend, Mr. Dowell.  We know what the psychiatrist 
     said.  My father isn't going to get better.
     [Dowell stands.]
TD:  We have to assume there is a chance.
     [Betty stands.]
BA:  For how long?  The rest of his life?   Mr. Dowell all we ask is 
     whether we can put him back in Greenvale or somewhere like it. 
JA:  We hoped you could make some arrangement.  Naturally we'll pay for 
     his private care. 
BA:  We'll pay anything they ask.  We'll take the financial 
TD:  I've already checked on it.  I'm afraid it just isn't possible.
BA:  Why?  As long as he's under proper care and can't endanger 
     anybody, does he have to be behind bars?  Is that treatment or is 
     it punishment? 
TD:  I'm sorry, Betty.
BA:  Oh.
JA:  Betty.  You wait for me outside.  I want to talk with Mr. Dowell.
BA:  I'll go on to the hospital.  I'm late already.
     [Betty leaves for the hospital.]

JA:  I want a divorce.
TD:  Mrs. Anderson.  
JA:  It can't hurt George now.  He doesn't remember me.  He never will.
TD:  It's a problem of grounds, Mrs. Anderson.
JA:  He's insane.  Criminally insane.  He's in an asylum.  Isn't that 
     grounds enough?
TD:  Unfortunately, no.  In our state that isn't recognized as grounds 
     for terminating a marriage. 
JA:  What marriage?   What's left of it?
TD:  In the eyes of our law.  The marriage still has a validity.
JA:  That's inhuman.
TD:  It is the law.  
JA:  Don't you realize that I'm the one they're punishing.  George 
     doesn't know what's happening to him.  Where he is, or why.  But 
     I know.  I care.  Look, do I have to go through my life married to 
     a man I can never even live with, a shell of a man?  Mr. Dowell. 
     [Julie turns and leaves.]

{These conversations explain that George was taken to an insane asylum, 
or prison instead of the Greenvale Sanitarium where he was before.]

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