Episode 81, scene 2.

     Rossi comes out of Dr. Morton's office into the reception area.
     Sign on office door:  [Dr. R. B. Morton Chief of Staff.
     Betty is fluttering around the information desk.
     Dr. Claire Morton Markham walks up to do a number on Dr. Rossi.

CM:  Mike?  It's me, Claire Morton.
     [Claire waves her left index finger in front of Rossi's eyes.]
CM:  Tell me when you see a solid object approach.  Nothing.  Nothing.  
     Total distraction.  Your mind's on a million things.
MR:  I was just talking to your father.
CM:  Things medical?
MR:  He asked me to dinner.
CM:  He likes you.
MR:  Claire.
CM:  Well, with my husband back in Peru, he probably thinks I'm allowed a 
     little male companionship, at a safe distance.  Say, three feet 
     across the diningroom table. 
MR:  And what about after dinner?
CM:  What about it? 
MR:  Somehow your father doesn't impress me as being the kind of man to 
     provide safe male companionship.  Or any kind under the 
CM:  [Seriously]  He doesn't know I'm married.  I haven't told him.
MR:  Why haven't you?
CM:  I don't know.
MR:  Oh, come on, Claire.
CM:  I can't.    
MR:  Your father heads this hospital.  He's respect . . .

     [Betty flutters by and speaks to them.]

BA:  Dr. Rossi.  Dr. Morton.
MR:  Hello, Betty.
CM:  Mike, can't we get out of here?  Isn't there some place we can go?
MR:  Oh, look.  There really isn't that much to talk about.  
CM:  But . . .
MR:  We've been talking about respect.  The respect I have for your 
     father.  The respect I believe he has for me.  I don't want to be 
     brought into his house under false pretenses. 
CM:  I'm the one that's pretending.
MR:  I have respect for you.  And I want to keep that respect.
CM:  I'm sorry, Mike, I . . .
MR:  Yes, I'm sorry.
CM:  I am.  I wasn't able to tell him.  Our relationship . . .
MR:  Whose relationship?
MR:  Dr. Morton.  You have to grow up.  Stop acting like a frightened 
     child.  No matter what's frightening you, go to your father. 
CM:  Children go to their father.
MR:  So what?  You're still his child.  Go to him.  Don't put everyone 
     in a false position.  Yourself, your husband, your father, or me.
MR:  Look.  I want to go to your house for dinner.  But I want to be 
     invited because your father knows he can trust me.  Because he 
     knows he can trust you.  I'm not a knight in shining armor.  I'm 
     not without feelings.  But I do have something.  Something that's 
     becoming quite a quirk with me these days.  I like things to be on 
     the up-and-up. 

MR:  Tell him.

     [Betty continues to flutter around.]
     [Rossi walks toward the double doors, leaving the hospital.]
     [Claire walks toward her father's office but doesn't go in.]

     [Unusual handheld camera shot from the back seat of Rossi's car of 
     the Fire Station and then the south side of the square.] 

[This conversation explains that Dr. Robert Morton doesn't yet know 
that his daughter Claire, is married to Dr. Vincent Markham.]

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