Episode 81, scene 3.

     Dr. Rossi pops in on Constance at the Book Gallery.     

MR:  Hello, Connie.
CC:  Hello, Michael.
MR:  When did you get back?
CC:  Night before last.
MR:  How's Elliot?
CC:  Fine.  
     Not really.  Neither one of us is particularly happy about having 
     to return to the ranks of the working class this quickly. 
MR:  Well, that's understandable.  I suppose everyone has already told 
     you that marriage agrees with you. 
CC:  It's nice hearing it from you.

CC:  Can I do something for you?
MR:  Yes.  I, uh, well actually No.  I, kind of just dropped in.  Is 
     that all right?
CC:  Of course it is.
MR:  It's good to see you again.
CC:  You've been a good friend, Michael.

CC:  Keep on being a good friend . . .
     [Allison comes in from studying at the school library.] 
CC:  . . . to all of us.

AM:  Hello, Dr. Rossi.
MR:  Well, hello, Allison. 

AM:  I bet you've just been telling my mother how much marriage agrees 
     with her. 

MR:  Those very words.  15 seconds ago.  Why is it young people 
     make us seem so predictable?
CC:  Shouldn't the young be studying be studying for an examination?

AM:  Well, I was.  I was in the school library studying.  And then 
     suddenly I got this irrestible impulse. 
CC:  What kind of impulse?
AM:  To see you.
CC:  To see me or to get out of the library?
MR:  If I didn't know If Allison's grades weren't so good, I would 
     asy this was serious.  Well I have to go.  I have some patients 
     upstairs.  Well, I'll just be going. 
MR:  Bye, Allison.
AM:  Goodbye, Dr. Rossi.

     [Rossi leaves.]

AM:  Seeing that I've come all this way, do you think we could have 
     lunch together? 
CC:  Of course.  Do you want to go down to the Chandlery and tell 
     your father? 
AM:  All right.  If you think so.
CC:  Allison . . .
AM:  Wasn't that nice seeing Dr. Rossi in here again?  I mean, 
     everything hasn't changed, has it? 
CC:  Don't you want to father to come with us?
AM:  It isn't that I don't want to.  It's just since you've been back 
     we haven't had two minutes together alone.
CC:  I know.  It's been so busy.
AM:  I don't mean to be difficult.  It's . . .  When you were gone, I 
     missed you.  And I miss you now. 

     [Constance hugs Allison.]

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