Episode 81, scene 6.

     Julie is in the Anderson livingroom, sewing, as Betty comes in. 
     There is a dress mannequin which Schuster later refers to as 
     Venus de Milo.

JA:  Oh, Betty.  You frightened me.  
     Well, how was your day?
BA:  It was all right.
JA:  I waited for you to get home before I started dinner.
BA:  I'm not hungry yet.

BA:  Mother.  Are you going to divorce daddy?  Is that what you asked 
     Mr. Dowell?
JA:  Yes.
BA:  Why did you ask me to leave the office? 
JA:  I was embarassed.
BA:  Why?
JA:  Well, I know how much you love your father.
BA:  Well I still love him, but that doesn't mean I can't understand 
     your position.  Still I . . . 
Ja:  Yes.
BA:  I can't help feeling, everything is wrong.
JA:  Betty.  I am not going to divorce your father.  I've no grounds.  
     Not here.  I could go away and file but I'm not sure the divorce 
     would be valid. 
BA:  Are you sure?
JA:  In this state, insanity is not grounds for divorce.

BA:  That's horrible.  Either it's right or wrong.  Not because of a line 
     on a map. 

JA:  The law.  I can't change it.
BA:  That same law let us [Rod and me] act as if our marriage had never 
     happened.  It rewarded us a second chance, we did nothing to 
     earn.  Now it's punishing you for 20 years of trying.  It doesn't 
     make sense. 
JA:  It doesn't have to. 

JA:  Why don't you go set the table?
BA:  Mother, What are you going to do?
JA:  I don't know.
BA:  Mother.
JA:  Betty, what would you have me do?
BA:  I wish I could tell you.  I've done a lot of talking to myself 
     about what is expected of us.  Are we supposed to spend the rest 
     of our lives going to work, coming home, having supper?  Early to 
     bed, early to rise?   Oh, Why can't we have . . .

JA:  I'll go warm supper.
BA:  Mother.  I know we were talking about you and then all of a sudden 
     I started thinking of myself.  Forgive me. 

     [Julie hugs Betty as the chimes ring.]

JA:  Oh.  You answer the door.  

     [Julie takes the garment she was working on upstairs.]

BA:  Were you expecting someone?
JA:  Yes.  Mr. Schuster from the mill.
BA:  What does he want?
JA:  I'm not sure.   He phoned and said he wanted to come over.  He 
     said it was important. 

     [Schuster is standing on the porch as the episode ends.]

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