Episode 86, scene 7.

Elliot tells a story.

      Did I ever tell you about the time I spent in Tahiti? 

      Well, I was on leave from my ship along with a couple of 
      hundred other sailers.  Well, somehow, a group of us wound 
      up in this small little village.  And for some silly reason 
      I fell asleep, half in and half out of a lagoon. 

      In the morning I was awakened by someone screaming for help.  
      It was a girl.  She almost drowned by the time I got to her 
      and I pulled her out.  She was beautiful.  

      Anyway, I thought she would be grateful to me for saving her 
      life.  As a matter of fact, I thought that she and the rest 
      of the people in the village would treat me like a king for 
      pulling her out of that water.  The girl and the people in 
      the village just ignored me as though I had leprosy. I 
      couldn't understand it.  The rest of my buddies all had a 
      ball.  It was wierd. 

      Well, the next day, we were all standing on the pier waiting 
      to be taken back to our ship and this girl came running up 
      to me.  She was crying like I've never seen anyone cry.  She 
      told me she loved me.  And she told me the rest of the 
      people in the village loved me for what I had done.  But 
      they didn't want to hurt me or spoil my life by drowning me 
      in their love and their gratitude.  You see, they felt that 
      once I had a taste of their kind of life and love and 
      freedom, I'd never want to leave there.  And if I did leave 
      there, I'd never be happy away from there. 

      You know, I don't see myself wandering out alone, Connie.  
      Not anymore. 

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