Episode 90, scene 2

     Dialog between Steven Cord and Dr. Vincent Markham on the bus:

SC:  May I?
VM:  May you what?
SC:  These bus drives are so dull.  Nobody to talk to.
VM:  Yes.
SC:  Cigarette?
VM:  No thank you.
SC:  Mind if I do?
VM:  No.

VM:  Well what is it?
SC:  Oh, nothing.  I was staring at you, I suppose.
VM:  Yes, I think you were.
SC:  Well, excuse me.  My name is Steven Cord.  That's all the introduction we 
     need.  Because I recognize you.  
     That photographic essay in one of our national magazines all about you 
     and your medical mission in Peru. 

VM:  Peru.  Are you going far?
SC:  Only to Peyton Place.
VM:  [Profoundly]  Only to Peyton Place.
SC:  Oh, what about you, Dr. Markham?

End of scene 2

Scene 5:

SC:  We should be there soon.  Peyton Place.  You are going there?
VM:  You already asked me that.
SC:  You aren't very communicative.

Bus crashes.

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