Episode 92, scene 3.

     Betty is at the nurses duty station in the waiting room.

BA:  Thank you.
     [Phone rings.]
BA:  Station 23.  No, she's away from the desk right now.   May I take a 
     message?  Yes.  Yes.  Yes, I've got that.  Thank you.
BA:  Doctors Hospital.  Yes.  I'll put your call through.  Thank you.
SC:  Dinner?
BA:  Doctors Hospital.  No.  Dr. Rossi is with a patient.  I'll have him 
     call you.  Yes.  Thank you.
SC:  Lunch?  High Tea?
BA:  Mr. Cord I'm busy.
SC:  Right.  A long walk by the sea?  Skipping stones in the surf?
BA:  Mr. Cord, I'm on duty.
SC:  Horseback riding at dawn.  Antique shopping on the road to White 
     river?  Picnic on the beach?   Lowtide, of course.
BA:  Mr. Cord.  You're making me very nervous.
SC:  Good.
BA:  I have to cover the phones.
SC:  Well fine.  Cover them.
BA:  It's very difficult with you hanging around.
SC:  Oh, I'm not just hanging around.  I'm in great pain.  I need medical 
BA:  You're hand again?
SC:  Something more serious.
BA:  Shall I call a doctor?
SC:  Oh, you would, wouldn't you?
BA:  Naturally.
SC:  All right, call a doctor.  Tell him I have a mild heart palpitation. 
     Profuse anxiety and a redness of face.  Sort of blushing.  
BA:  Oh.
SC:  Shaking in the hands.   Tingling in the ears Aftermath of bus 
     accident.  Aftermath of the aftermath. 
     [Ring] [Ring] 
BA:  Doctors Hospital.  Yes.  I'll transfer you.
SC:  Nicely done.
BA:  You're harassing me.
SC:  I'll Keep my mouth shut.  I'll sit here.  Perhaps a samaritan will 
     stumble by and tend my wounds.
BA:  Doctors Hospital.  Yes.  No.  He was released earlier today.  Thank you.
SC:  Am I really bothering you?
BA:  Yes.
     [Other phone rings.]
     [Changes phones.]
BA:  Yes.  Betty Anderson.  No.  I'm sorry.  He hasn't come in yet.  I'll 
     let you know as soon as he does.  Thank you.
BA:  Yes?
SC:  Too bad.  I think I've lost enough blood.  I might as well get back 
     to my office.
BA:  Mr. Cord.  I'm off duty Friday night.  You can pick me up at my home 
     around 8:00.
SC:  Well, I'll look forward to it.
BA:  Goodbye, Mr. Cord.
SC:  Goodbye.
     [Steven leaves.]
BA:  Doctors Hospital.

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