Episode 95, scene 6.

     Norman knocks at the back door and Ada lets him in.

AJ:  Oh, it's you Norman.
NH:  Oh, that's hardly the kind of Attitude I expected from the honorary 
     president of my fan club.  How do I look? 
AJ:  You look fine.  I have to get back in.  I've got customers.
NH:  Oh, Mrs. Jacks. I would like for you to accept token of my flowery esteem. 

AJ:  Norman, I'm in no mood, tonight.
NH:  Tonight, we of the coming generation are to be treated with 
     respect, solicitude, and tender veneration.  Tomorrow, you can 
     treat us like kids again. 

AJ:  You silly kid.  These are expensive.
NH:  Yes, they are.
AJ:  You shouldn't have done that, Norman.
BH:  Well, I figure you deserved it for putting up with me.  Is Rita 
AJ:  I don't know.
NH:  You don't know.  Why I thought you would be making a fuss about 
     her hair and dress and everything, until the last minute, just 
     like they do in the movies.   Oh, Rita.  Rita, darling, I have 
     arrived.  I suppose she's been doing that thinking about me all 
     day.  Rita.  So bad that she decided to skip town.  Rita, darling.  
     Are you coming? 
       [Rita comes out in her party dress.
NH:  You look beautiful.
RJ:  I'm very great, Norman.
       [Pointing at Rita's locket.]
NH:  Come on.  We don't want to be late.
NH:  That's pretty.  Where did you get that?
RJ:  Mom gave it to me.
       [Rita looks at Ada.]
RJ:  Thank you.
AJ:  You look beautiful, honey.
NH:  Come on.  Let's go.
AJ:  Stand up straight and keep your head up.  You're just as good as 
     anybody there. 
NH:  Goodnight, Mrs. Jacks.
AJ:  Goodnight, Norman.
AJ:  Have a wonderful time.
NH:  Knock them off their feet, Rita.

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