Episode 96, scene 2.

     Leslie talks with Norman from Zurich.

NH:  Hello.
LH:  Norman?
NH:  Yeah, Dad.  It's me.
LH:  Big night?
NH:  Yeah.
LH:  It's day over here.  Good to hear your voice again, Norman.
NH:  Thank you.
     How are you doing?
LH:  Fine.  I miss you.  Both you and Rodney.
NH:  Where are you now?
LH:  Zurich.
NH:  Taking in all the sights?
LH:  I've been visiting textile mills.  Picking up some ideas for when I come 
NH:  Are you coming back here?
LH:  Will you speak up, Norman.  I didn't hear you.
NH:  I said, are you coming back here?
LH:  Why don't you and Rod come to Europe for the summer.  Call it a 
     graduation gift.
NH:  No, dad.  I'd rather not.
LH:  Norman, we've got to . . .
NH:  Dad, I've got a girl.  If it wasn't for her I never would have graduated.
LH:  She can wait out the summer.
NH:  Sure.  While I'm swinging through Europe.  No chance, dad.  It's not 
     fair to her. 
LH:  Most boys . . .
NH:  Dad,  I'm not most boys, am I?
LH:  Do I know the girl?
NH:  Sure.  You know her.  Or know who she is.  Her name's Rita Jacks.  
     She's Ada Jacks' daughter. 
LH:  Have you talked with Rodney?
NH:  I have.  He likes her. 
LH:  I meant about coming to Europe, Norman.
NH:  Okay.  I will.

NH:  Dad, do you really want to give me a graduation present?
LH:  Why, of course, Norman.
NH:  Then tell me once more that you didn't kill Elizabeth Carson.
LH:  I didn't kill her, son.  I didn't kill her.
NH:  Mother did?
LH:  Can you accept that now?
NH:  Sure, Dad.  It's easy.

     [Norman puts the phone down.]

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