Episode 107 scene 4.  

     Rodney and Allison drive to the wharf to purchase lobsters and 
     clams from Sam Jolly for their clambake with Norman and Rita. 

RH:  All clear?
AM:  All clear.
RH:  One, two, three, go.
     [They get out of the car.]
RH:  We made it into port.
AM:  Aye, aye, sir.
RH:  Okay, now.  Act non-chalant.  If any of our friends see us, we'll 
     never live it down.
AM:  I know.
RH:  Do you know what the definition of a New England cardinal sin is?
AM:  No.  What?
RH:  Going to a clambake with store-boughten clams. 
AM:  Unforgiveable.  Two weeks at the Pillary.  
RH:  Two weeks at least.

RH:  Hello, Mr. Jolly.  We're in the market for some lobsters and a few 
SJ:  Uh, that makes my day.  You know what a lobster looks like and a clam.  
     Help yourself. 
AM:  Thank you.
     [Rodney and Allison walk over to the barrels of sea food.]
AM:  Ooh.  Don't they look ferocious?
RH:  Take a look at that one.  See that one there?  Those short little 
     beady eyes and those pincers.  Who does that remind you of? 
AM:  I know.  Mr. Segal, the librarian.
RH:  No, silly.  Great-Grandpa Sam Peyton.
AM:  Oh, yes.  He's got whiskers just like the statue in the park.
RH:  I'll go negotiate with Sam.  You pick out some clams.
     [Rodney walks back over to Sam.]
RH:  Well, we found them.
     [Sam walks over to the barrels with Rodney.]
RH:  Right there.
     [Sam retrieves a lobster.]
RH:  How much?
     [Jolly shakes sack.]
SJ:  Four dollars, all tolled.
RH:  Okay.  Fair enough.  Two.  Four.
     [Rodney hands four dollars cash to Sam.]
AM:  Thank you.
RH:  I'll bet Rita and Norman are already at the beach.  Let's go.

     [Rodney carries the sack back to the car.]

     [End of scene]

Non-chalant--without enthusiasm.

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