Episode 150 scene 3.

    Dialog between Elliot and Eli:
J:  Mr. Carson.  Do you want that UN headline in a three quarters or an 
EC: No, make it an inch, Jerry.  The people in this town are liable to 
    forget there's a world outside if you let them. 
J:  That's a waste of ink. [Jerry is usually more respectful].

                  [Eli comes in the Clarion.]
                 Headline on the wall PEACE

Eli: Got a minute son?
EC:  Not really, Dad.  
Eli: Huh?
EC:  Well, what do you have in mind?
Eli: Well, It can wait.  It can wait.
EC:  No. No. No.  Come on.
Eli: Well, I've been wondering where are we going to put the new baby?  
     Because Allison will be home. 
EC:  I'm sure Connie's got something worked out.
Eli: Well, I think you ought to move Allison down to the dining room and put 
     the new baby up in Allison's room.
EC:  Well, we planned on redecorating Allison's room for Allison's homecoming.
Eli: Oh, no, no, no.  Redecorate the dining room because you always eat 
     in the kitchen anyhow. 
EC:  Dad, If you move an older child to make room for a baby, the older child 
     is going to resent the new arrival. 
Eli: What?
EC:  Yes, I've been reading some books on it.  And all the experts, they 
     agree that it's a mistake to put babies into a half-right done-over 
     make-shift room.  
Eli: Oh, fiddle-sticks.
EC:  Look, Dad.  This baby is the most incredible thing that's ever 
     happened to me.  And I'm going to welcome him with pink champagne, 
     with 50 cent cigars, with a brass band.  Well here, with a proper 
     nursery.  Well, what do you think of that?  
Eli: Is Connie aware that you are expecting the next new king of England?  
EC:  Now look Dad, here's the plans of the house.  All we have to do is 
     raise the west roof just a couple of feet.  We'll move out the 
     store room.  And we put a bathroom in there. 
Eli: Cost you more that it cost Connie's folks to build the whole blamed 
EC:  Now if you were my mother-in-law, you'd have a right to say 
     something like that.
Eli: But I've got a solution.
EC:  You're not my mother-in-law.
Eli: We're going to build a sleeping porch.
EC:  And you're not allowed to nag.  
Eli: I'm not nagging.  I'm serious.  I'll furnish the lumber.  We'll 
     build it ourselves.  Week-ends, there's still plenty of good 
     weather.  And, besides, the exercise will do us both good. 
EC:  But I want a proper nursery like that.
Eli: When you were ten years old you wanted a castle with a moat around 
     it.  But you were very happy when I built you a tree house. 
EC:  Now look, Dad.  Supposing.  Just supposing you were a baby.  How 
     would you feel if your parents dumped you into a homemade shed? 
Eli: This is not going to be a shed.  It's going to be a sleeping porch.
EC:  Now you would feel unwanted wouldn't you?
Eli: Not as long as my pappy polished my spoon every day.
EC:  But grandparents are supposed to spoil their grandchildren.
Eli: And fathers are supposed to be strict and thrifty. [trills r].
EC:  I'll help you build that sleeping porch if you'll let me fed him 
     with a silver spoon.
Eli: It's a deal. [They shake hands].
EC:  You're going to make a terrifying nanny.

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