EPISODE 121, scene 1.

     Rodney Harrington is lead from his cell to be arraigned.

     Allison leans forward and speaks with Rodney.

AM:  Rodney, are you all right?
RH:  Yes.
AM:  Is there anything I can do to help?
RH:  Nothing.
AM:  I want to help.
RH:  You're here.
     [Gavel 3 times]
AM:  I want you to know . . .
CC:  All rise.  Court will come to order.  Department 2 of Peyton 
     County judicial district now in session.  Judge Charles E. Webber 
     [Judge Webber enters the courtroom and takes the bench.  He puts 
     on his glasses and picks up a folder.]
JW:  People vs Harrington.  Are you Rodney Harrington?
RH:  Yes, sir.
JW:  The people of this state hereby accuse Rodney Harrington of a 
     felony.  To wit, on or about the 16th day of July, 1965, County of 
     Peyton, said Rodney Harrington did there and then unlawfully, 
     willfully, and feloniously kill and murder one Joseph Chernak, a 
     human being, with malice aforethought.  Thereby violating section 
     189 of the state's penal law and the peace and dignity of the 
     people of this state. 

JW:  Do you wish to be advised of your rights in this matter? 

TD:  The defendant has been advised of his rights, YOur Honor, and 
     requests that the reading of the rights be waived. 
JW:  Are you ready to enter a plea?
TD:  Yes, Your Honor.
JW:  You've heard the charges.  How do you plead?
RH:  Not guilty.
JW:  Rodney Harrington, I hereby remand you to the custody of the 
     sheriff of this county.  The sheriff is hereby ordered to bring 
     you to this court on the 27th day of this month at 9:00 a.m. for 
     the preliminary hearing on the charges against you. 
TD:  With Your Honor's permission I would like to make a motion that 
     the court set bail for the defendant.  The defendant, Rodney 
     Harrington, has lived in this town all his life.  He has no prior 
     arrests.  He is known to be responsible and reliable by everyone who 
     know him in this community.  Certain Your Honor will allow 
     particular case there is no risk whatsoever to releasing him on 
JF:  Your Honor, there is no precedent in this state for a defendant in 
     a capital case to be released on bail. 
TD:  Your Honor, neither is there a precedent against it.  I submit that 
     this particular case warrants Your Honor's consideration.
JW:  I do not believe that this particular case is a special case that 
     requires special consideration.  Request on bail denied.
     [Dramatic music]
NH:  Dad.
TD:  I'm glad you're here, Leslie.
LH:  Hello, son.
RH:  Hi.
     [Speaking to the judge.]
LH:  Your honor, may I have a few moments with my son?
JW:  You're welcome to use my chambers.
LH:  Thank you.
     [Leslie turns to Norman.]
LH:  Norman.
     [Rodney leads Leslie and Norman into Judge Webber's chambers.]
LH:  I caught the first plane I could.
RH:  Thanks, Dad.
LH:  Have they been treating you all right?
RH:  I'm sorry you had to come back to this.
LH:  Perhaps if I had stayed here, in the first place, there wouldn't 
     have been any need. 
NH:  It was my fault, Dad. 
RH:  That's not going to do any good now, Norman.
NH:  Look.  He's got a right to know. 
LH:  Elliot said you had been trying to reach me. 
NH:  I quit before I did.
LH:  The instinct was there, Norman.  It was a start.
RH:  Well, I talked him out of it.  I didn't want to worry you for nothing.
LH:  Is that what it has come to, my sons afraid to worry me?
RH:  That was before the police arrested me.
LH:  Elliot was rather vague on the phone.  I don't know whether he was 
     trying to spare me or . . .
RH:  I'm not a murderer, Dad.
LH:  You didn't have to tell me that, Rod.  

LH:  What did you and the Chernak boy fight about? 
NH:  About me.  Rod was trying to get me off the hook. 
LH:  What hook?
NH:  Rita used to go with Chernak.  I told you about her the night of 
     graduation when you called.  Well, he was spreading a lot of lies 
     about her and Rod tried to stop him before I did.  He was trying to 
     protect me, because I told him I wanted to kill him. 
RH:  Norman.
NH:  Look, he's in this mess because of me.  We've got to do something to get 
     him out of it.
LH:  We will, Norman.
LH:  How long has this been simmering?
RH:  A while. 
LH:  There wasn't anyone you could talk it out with?
RH:  There was no one.
LH:  Ted Dowell was here.
RH:  He's not our father.
     [Dramatic music.]
RH:  Oh, I'm sorry, Dad.
LH:  So am I.

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