Episode 133, scene 5.

     Marian Fowler is on the phone with Nancy Ogden.  John comes in 

MF:  That was Sunday, a week?
     No.  There's nothing on the calendar but I'll have to check with John.
     Yes, terribly busy with the trial.  No, he hasn't.
     But if he did, I couldn't tell you, anyway.
     Wives of District Attorneys just don't gossip.  We take an oath.
     Thank you for thinking of us.  I'll call you tomorrow.  
     All right.  Goodbye.

     [Marian realizes that John has come in the house.]

MF:  [Startled]  John.  I didn't hear you come in.
JF:  I know.
JF:  You do me much credit.
MF:  Thank you.  Nancy Ogden called and she wants us for dinner . . .
JF:  . . . A week from Sunday.  Look, there's time, before you say yes, 
     let's see how things go. 

MF:  All right.
MF:  You've been eaves dropping.
JF:  No.  Just admiring.
MF:  I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you if you came home for lunch.  
     It's one of my ladies auxiliary days at the hospital.
JF:  Yes, I hadn't forgotten.  
MF:  But you came anyway?
JF:  On an impulse, to admire my beautiful wife for a moment before she 
MF:  You must have a better reason.
JF:  Now what better reason could there be?
MF:  A more practical one.
JF:  Well, there you've got me.  I misplaced my reading glasses.  I hope 
     somewhere around the house. 
MF:  You left them on the night stand.

MF:  If you had called me, I would have dropped them by on my way to the 
JF:  I did call earlier.  You weren't here.
MF:  I went to a summer sale at White River
JF:  Well, what bargains did you find resistable this time?
MF:  I didn't get a chance to buy anything.  By the time I got there, I 
     realized I had forgotten my uniform.  I had to come home for it. 
JF:  Oh, surely, you have such a perfect record.  You could skip one day 
     at the hospital.
MF:  I hate to disappoint the children.  They seem to miss me.

JF:  You miss them.  Marian, we're young.  Other couples . . .
MF:  I know.
JF:  Maybe we can get away for a long weekend, soon.
MF:  Before the Harrington case is completed?
JF:  Well, you never know.  We're in pretty good shape.
MF:  You've worked so hard.
JF:  It's a complicated case.
MF:  Because of your father?
JF:  No.  I'm determined to keep my personal feelings out of this.  You 
     know that. 

MF:  Supposing you realized that your personal feelings were involved.  
     Like for some reason you couldn't remain completely objective?
JF:  For some reason, still meaning my father?  You're wrong, Marian.
     If I became that involved, I would disqualify myself and let justice 
     take its course. 

MF:  Let justice take its course.
JF:  Why do you repeat that?
MF:  I don't know.  You're so grim.

MF:  I'm late.  I better go.  

MF:  Thank you.  Goodbye.
JF:  Did you read about the Mackenzie girl?
MF:  Yes.  The newspaper said it was hit-and-run.  
JF:  Uh.
MF:  Uh, have the police found out any more?
JF:  They are investigating.
MF:  I suppose they don't have much to go on.
JF:  Next to nothing.  
MF:  Well, they won't give up.
JF:  No, don't worry, they won't.
MF:  Goodbye.

     [Marian goes out to her car and smashes it into the garage post to 
     cover up the damage done when she hit Allison.]

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