Episode 134, scene 8.  

     Dialog between Leslie and John Fowler.
     John Fowler comes out of the courthouse and speaks to Leslie and 

JF:  Gentlemen.
SC:  Afternoon.
JF:  I see you got a break in the bail hearing.
SC:  You mean Judge Clark?
JF:  Yes.
LH:  If the judge decides in his favor, how soon can we get him out?
JF:  If the judge does decide in your favor there'll be no delay.
JF:  Rodney is very fortunate to have a father who can put up that kind 
     of bail money. 

     [Marian Fowler drives up in front of the Peyton Place Town Hall in 
     John's car and parks by the NO PARKING sign.] 

MF:  Darling, Dear, if we don't get to the garage, I'm not going to 
     have the car for the rest of the week. 
JF:  Oh, I've had kind of a busy afternoon, Marian.
MF:  I know, but you said I'd neglected.
JF:  I'll drop it off right now.
MF:  I'll follow you over there and we can go home together.
JF:  Fine.  Excuse me gentlemen,  I seem to have further duties.

     [John and Marian gesture and drive off west and north.]

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