Episode 141 scene 4.  

     Jim Fogarty is walking down the courthouse hall with Elliot Carson.
     John and Marian presently appear.

Fog: Young Fowler, he is not quite up to his father.  But he is good.
EC:  He got Rodney bound over for trial.
Fog: It cost him an extra witness.  He would have preferred to rest his 
     case with the little girl.  But he couldn't.  Now you take the old 
     man.  He would have managed to save Stella Chernak for the trial.
EC:  You think so?
Fog: He always got good mileage out of his witnesses.  As I remember at 
     your hearing, he made one 10-year-old boy sound like an accusing 
EC:  You sound like a sportscaster analyzing a boxing match. 
Fog: I keep forgetting this is your first one.
EC:  Oh, it's my second.
Fog: But your first as a disinterested observer.
EC:  That decision me surprised me.
Fog: Why?  Fowler made his case.  He produced an eye-witness.  And proved 
     intent.  How much more do you need?
EC:  I need something that will convince me that boy is capable of 
Fog: That's a nice distinction, Elliot.  But the rules don't require it.  
     What's practiced today is really an updated version of the old 
     trial by combat.  The winner is innocent because he is the 
     winner.  And if you lose, well, then obviously you're guilty. 
EC:  At least the accused has an opportunity to fight his own battles  
     without the hands of the lawyers.  I wonder why they never let 
     Rodney tell his own story. 
     [Fowler appears.] 
JF:  That was a smart move.  
Fog: Coming from you, that's a compliment.

Fog: What about the transcripts?
JF:  They will be ready in a few minutes.
     [Marian appears.]
JF:  Marian.

JF:  Gentlemen, this is my wife.  Marian, I would like for you to meet 
     two worthy members of the press.  This is Jim Fogarty of the 
     Hastings Sun . . . 
Fog: How do you do? 
     [Fogarty shakes her hand.]
JF:  . . . and our own Elliot Carson of the local Clarion.
     [Elliot shakes her hand.]
EC:  How do you do, Mrs. Fowler.  
MF:  How do you do?
EC:  My wife has told me how kind you have been to her at the hospital. 
JF:  Well, we both found your open letter very moving.  Didn't we, Marian?
MF:  Yes.
EC:  Well, it may be moving, but it hasn't been very effective.  
     Either the person I've been appealing to hasn't read it or he just 
     doesn't care.  I would like to think it was the former.
JF:  I would, too.
Fog: You have a lot of faith in human nature.
MF:  Yes, it's amazing.  You could so easily hate.
EC:  Well, I hope my feelings won't change when I face him.
JF:  Now, just a minute, Elliot.  The letter was moving but it's not the 
     beginning of a theory.
EC:  Well, frankly, I don't know.
JF:  It is up to the police to find this man.  Don't you make a personal 
     mission out of it. 
CC:  Transcripts are ready.
JF:  Oh, You give copies to Mr. Fogarty, Mr. Carson.
CC:  Sure thing.
JF:  And I told Mr. Dowell we would send him three copies as soon as they 
     are ready. 
CC:  Okay.
JF:  Well, gentlemen, be seeing you.
Fog: Good by, Mrs. Fowler.
Fog: Nice meeting you.

Fog: Behind every knight in shining armor, there is a lovely lady.

     [John and Marian go to his office as the scene transitions.]

Court Clerk-Victor Izay.

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