Episode 146, scene 1
5:00 minutes

MF:  John?
JF:  There you are.
MF:  You're home early.  Something happen?
JF:  Well, the same thing that has happened to sailors since the beginning of 
     time.  The weather. 

     [John attempts to kiss Marian.  She is unresponsive.]

JF:  It is good to be home.  Can I get you a drink?  
MF:  Yes.
JF:  It's really something out there.

     [John prepares a drink for her.]

JF:  Squalls.  15 foot waves.  Much too much like work.  I didn't get a chance 
     to read more than three words with any one sitting.  So I thought I might 
     as well come back here and sit and read without being thrown halfway 
     across the room everytime I came to a nice juicy murder. 

     [John hands her the drink.]

JF:  What about you, Marian.  What have you been doing with yourself.
MF:  Me?  Nothing.
JF:  How's your cold?
MF:  Settled down to an ocassional sneeze.
JF:  Are you taking anything for it?

MF:  Yes, as a matter of fact, I just came from the drug store.
JF:  You still look pale.  Maybe it would be a good idea if you would lay down 
     for a while.

MF:  No, I feel . . .

MF:  John, what are we doing?
JF:  I thought we were discussing your health.
MF:  No.  We were discussing my lie.  I don't have a cold and we both know it.
     We always do this.  We talk in circles and end up nowhere.
JF:  Is there some place specific you would like to go, Marian?
MF:  Don't be so civilized.  Your wife lies to you and you act as though it 
     happens every day.  The weather has been fine. 
JF:  All right, the weather has been fine everywhere, Marian.  Just calm down. 

MF:  Calm since the day I was born.

MF:  Do you remember the night your cousin Noland introduced us?
JF:  Well, what does that have to do with anything?
MF:  That night has been our whole life.

MF:  I didn't realize it until that night.  I felt as though that I had known 
     you all my life.  Everything you said and did was so familiar to me. 
JF:  Is that so wrong, two people knowing each other completely?
MF:  Yes.  Not all at once.  There should be some surprise, delight.

MF:  I'm not blaming you.  That's what I wanted.  What I thought I wanted.
     Until . . .
JF:  Until what?
MF:  The hospital meant a great deal to me.  The children, they were so alive.
JF:  We can have children.  There's nothing wrong with you.
MF:  Even to feed and dress they were alive.
     And they made me feel alive.
JF:  What are you talking about?
MF:  John, I've got to tell you what happened. 
     I should have told you then, but I was afraid.
JF:  Afraid of what?
MF:  Afraid I would hurt you.

     [Mood music.]

MF:  I couldn't help myself.
MF:  I needed something.
JF:  Marian.
MF:  There was a man.  Don't ask me to explain him.  He was different.
     I went to him.

     [John glares at Marian.]

JF:  GET OUT.  Right now.  Go to Boston.  Stay with your sister.
     Later, we'll talk about who files for divorce.  Calmly civilized.
     When I come back, I want you out of here.

     [John reaches for his coat to leave.]

MF:  John, please let me explain . . .

     [John slaps her with his right hand.  John leaves by the front door.]

Episode 146, scene 1