Episode 147, scene 7.

     Dialog between Rita Jacks and Steven Cord:
     Rita is in Steven's office to make a statement regarding 
     Joe Chernak.  She is holding the microphone in her hand. 

RJ:  I'm sorry.
SC:  That's all right.

          [Steven takes the microphone and puts it on the 
          table by the tape recorder.  He turns it off.] 

RJ:  Tape recorders make me nervous.  More nervous.
SC:  Sure, I understand.
RJ:  I knew you would be wanting to talk to me.  And I've been thinking 
     about it.  I'd like to get it over with.  

RJ:  I knew Joe mostly before he was sent away to the honor farm.  Well, 
     I was his steady girl.  I was almost 17 ... 
SC:  Now, wait a minute, Rita.  What I want to know is anything you can 
     remember about Joe's attitudes or feelings toward his sister, Stella.
RJ:  Oh, I thought ...
SC:  I appreciate your willingness to talk about your relationship with 
SC:  But, It's my fault.  When I asked you to come over here.  I should 
     have made myself clear.  

SC:  Right now, I want to know about Joe and Stella.  Apparently they 
     were close before she went away.  It must have been difficult for 
     him.  She was away for 7 years. 
RJ:  Well, He saw her a few times after she left here.
SC:  Where?  When?
RJ:  When she was in college.
SC:  Which college?
RJ:  I don't know. 
SC:  That must have been several years ago.
RJ:  Oh, sure.  Because when I first heard about Joe, I was just 
     starting high school.  He was already on the football team and the 
     track team.  And I didn't start to go with him til a couple of 
     years later.  And by then, he had already quit school. 

RJ:  I thought that was the smartest, greatest thing a guy could do to 
     quit school.  So after a while of going with him, I did the same. 

RJ:  Oh, it is great until you do it.
SC:  Well when did he quit school? 
RJ:  I don't know.
SC:  After you started going with him, did he hear from Stella?
RJ:  I know he wrote to her.  I think he did get a letter from her, 
     once.  That's right because it made him mad. 
SC:  Did he show you the letter?
RJ:  No.  

RJ:  It makes me feel funny.
SC:  What does?
RJ:  Just to talk about Joe, this way.  He can't talk about me.

RJ:  This is just the beginning, isn't it?   When the trial starts, 
     Mr. Fowler will be asking me a lot of personal questions.  
     I guess I'd better get used to it. 
SC:  Yes, you better, Rita.
RJ:  Okay. 

          [Rita sits and picks up the microphone.]

RJ:  I'll use the tape recorder if you want me to.   
SC:  Thank you Rita.

          [Steven turns the recorder back on.]

SC:  Do you know anything else about that letter?
RJ:  Well, Joe didn't show me the letter.  But he told me about it, sort 
     of. He hated her for whatever she wrote and told him.  He answered 
     her but he got the letter back, because I guess she had moved.  
     Anyway, he was mad.  He could be pretty scarry when he got mad like 
     that.  In fact, I didn't think he would ever say her name again. 

RJ:  I was really a dope.  One night he comes over to my house to show 
     me the great-looking car he had just bought.  I was thinking, He 
     really likes me.  He comes over the first thing after he bought the 
     car.  Then he told me he had stolen the car, and he was going to 
     leave town for good.  He was going to California to see Stella.  He 
     didn't get very far.  The police stopped him before he got to the 
SC:  And then when he got out, he found he had lost you to Norman.  

SC:  Joe must have been choking with anger when he met up with Rodney on 
     the wharf.  That's going to be tough to prove.

SC:  What happened to you, Rita, It happens to lots of lonely kids.
     Looking for something in the wrong way, with the wrong person.

         [Steven is buzzed by his secretary, miss Ann Nolan.]

SC:  I told her not to interrupt.  
SC:  Yes?

SC:  No, One minute.  All right, I'll take the call.

         [Steven depresses a telephone button.]

BC:  Steven?
SC:  What is it, Betty?
BA:  I just wanted to let you know what we talked about.
SC:  Well, hold on a moment.

         [Dismissing Rita.]

SC:  Thank you, Rita. [smiles].
RJ:  Thank you.

         [Rita gets up from the chair and leaves.]

SC:  Yes, Betty.
BA:  I've been thinking about it.  It's important, Isn't it?
SC:  Yes.  Yes, It's very important.
BA:  Well, then, I can help you.

          [Steven has a pensive look and hangs up.]


PA:  Dr. Morton, emergency.  Dr. Morton, emergency.

N:   Lunch, Betty?
BA:  No thanks, I'm counting calories.
N:   Is that it, or are you avoiding the cafeteria food?

NC:  Don't forget, Dr. Clayton's vacation starts tomorrow.  Dr. Sloane 
     is taking his calls.            
MD:  I've made a note of it, miss Choate.
NC:  Good.  I'm going to lunch now, Miss Dalton.

                         Nameplate on door:
                         MISS ESTHER CHOATE
       [Betty goes in and steals Stella's file.]

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