Episode 149 scene 2.  

     Rossi enters Chaote's office.

MR:  Oh, miss Choate.
EC:  Dr. Rossi, I heard you were trying to reach me.
MR:  Yes.  Yes.  Would you, uh, . . .  Well, that's very festive, miss Choate.
EC:  Yes.  Aren't they.  Mrs. Adams sent tham after she was discharged.
MR:  Well, how thoughtful.
EC:  It's nice to be appreciated.
MR:  Yes.  Would you pull me the personnel folder on miss Chernak, please.
EC:  Shirley.
MR:  Whenever I see carnations, it always reminds me of the man I studied 
     with in New York, Dr. Zeitner.  He was in his 70's, and every 
     morning his wife used to send him to work with a fresh cut carnation 
     in his lapel.  He used to say that carnations reminded him that 
     every day was new and fresh and filled with exciting possibilities. 
EC:  He must have been a charming man.
MR:  Yes.  Yes, he was.
EC:  Here.

     [Hands folder to Rossi.]

MR:  Oh, Thank you.
MR:  Did, uh, miss Chernak fill out a career history?  
EC:  Yes, it's there.
MR:  There's a Social Security form, the application form, personal medical 
     record.  Career history doesn't seem to be here.
EC:  Doesn't the board have final approval on the personnel for your 
MR:  Yes.
EC:  Well, someone wanted to review her qualifications.
     If you need it right away, I'll run it down for you.
MR:  Well, yes.  Let me know when it comes in.
EC:  Would you like one of these for your lapel, doctor.
MR:  I'm afraid that may be out of character, miss choate.  Thank you.

     [Rossi leaves.]

EC:  Yes.  This is miss Choate.  Will you ask Evelyn if the board 
     requisitioned Stella Chernak's history.

     [Choate dials.]

EC:  Yes, I'll wait.

EC:  Chernak.  C-H-E-R-N-A-K.

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