Episode 149 scene 3.  
in work
     There's nothing to follow up on Miss

     Dr. Rossi comes out of this office and speaks to Betty Anderson at 
     the Information Desk.  Miss chaote walks up and joing them. 

MR:  Oh, miss Anderson.  Have you located miss Chernak's records yet?
BA:  No.  I've checked with Dr. Morton's office and the lab.  I'm sure 
     they are bound to turn show up somewhere.
MR:  Miss Choate, miss Chernak's records haen't shown up yet?
EC:  I'm sure miss Anderson will find them.
BA:  Miss Choate, it's 4:00 o'clock.  Aren't you due in therapy?
EC:  Thank you for reminding me, miss Anderson.
     [A nurse walks up.]
N:   Any messages?
BA:  No.  They're not.

PA:  Dr. Morton, telephone line two.  Dr. Morton, telephone line two.

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