Episode 149 scene 4.  

     Eli and Elliot come in Allison's room.

Eli: Can we go now, Elliot? 
EC:  In a minute, dad.
Eli: You can't rush the tide.  It will ebb and flow when it's supposed 
EC:  I think of all the times i've just to look in on her and worry she 
      midght wake up and see me standing there.
     I was so careful not to wake her.
Eli: Let's go.
RG:  Well, Good morning, gentlemen.
RG:  Been here long?  
EC:  just a few minutes
RG:  Did you notice any movement at all?
EC:  No.
RG:  I've been reading your editorials in the Clarion, Mr. Carson.  
     You're a good writer.  I was wondering if you had any response to 
     your open letter 

RG:  Have the police uncovered anything.
EC:  can she feel that?
     Feel?   You will have to redefine your terms.
RG:  She's not aware of it
     her body tissues
EC:  I would feel a lot less helpless if I could do something like that.
     what exactly goes into it.
RG:  In my case, a bachelor of science degree. 
     two more
EC:  It doesn't look too difficult
RG:  Neither does
      as well as you do.
RG:  It is a skill
     So is this.
     gome on now
     I'm not implying to do
     I'm saying I'm qualified
     I'm not not qualified to teach you how
     Aren't you a surrogate motor system
     of a human being is the most complicated piece of machinery there is.
Eli: Elliot, I think we should leave Mr. Gehring to his work.  I'm sure 
     he has other patiecnts to take care of.
     [They leave.]
Eli: Elliot, that was un-called for.
     I don't want that man handling my daufghter
Eli: Elliot.  This is a hospital.  Mr. Gehring is a trained specialist
     A professional in every sense of the word.  We should be mighty glad 
     to have him here 

EC:  I don't know maybe.
     I get a little overprotective about Allison
     I don't know, maybe.

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