Episode 149 scene 6.

     Steven's office.

     Steven picks up the phone.

AN:  Yes, Mr. Cord.
SC:  Ann, would you come in, please?
AN:  Yes sir.

SC:  Anything on that call to Los Angeles?
AN:  I checked the operator five minutes ago.  Mr. Lawrence hasn't returned yet.
SC:  Well, Ann, stay with it.  Is that the cover letter?
AN:  It's all ready.  I put Theodore Dowell, Counselor-at-Law at the 
     bottom, under your name.  
SC:  Fine, that's the name of the firm. 
     [Phone rings.]
SC:  Hello.
Op:  Mr. Cord, please.
SC:  This is he. 
Op:  Mr. Lawerence returning your call, sir.
SC:  Oh, yes put him on.
SC:  Thanks, Ann.

DL:  Hello.  
SC:  Mr. Lawrence?
DL:  Speaking.
SC:  I don't know if you remember me.  I contacted you last year.  I was 
     with Wainwright and Kennerly. 
DL:  Oh, Yes.  Are you still with them?
SC:  No, I left them several months ago to join Theodore Dowell. 
     Right now we are handling the defense in a murder trial.
DL:  Martin Peyton's grandson?
SC:  Oh, that's right.  Martin Peyton's grandson.                  
SC:  I want to send you the precis on the prosecution's key witness.
DL:  A complete rundown.
SC:  That's right.  Where she worked.  Who she worked for.  So on.  
     Anything you can find.  References.  Credit ratings.  The works. 
     You should receive the precis this time tomorrow.  Day 
     after at the latest. 
DL:  I'll be looking for it.
SC:  Just so we understand each other.  If you uncover anything of a 
       personal nature, anything at all, be sure to track it down. 
DL:  We'll get on it right away.  The more personal, the better.  
SC:  Yes.
DL:  Goodbye, Mr. Cord. 
SC:  Goodbye.

This conversation establishes that miss Nolan's name is Ann.
A precis is an abstract.

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