Episode 149 scene 7.

     Gehring drives up and parks in front of the Town Hall.  He talks 
     with John Fowler] 

RG:  Mr. Fowler.
JF:  Yes?
RG:  Russ Gehring.  I work at Doctors Hospital.  Children's therapy.
JF:  Of course.  My wife has mentioned you.
RG:  The kids have been asking about her.  I didn't have any answers for 
JF:  Uh, she is in Boston, visiting her sister.    
RG:  Will she be coming home soon?
JF:  Well, she is taking a little rest.  She has been kind of run down.
RG:  Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.  Nothing serious, I hope.
JF:  No.  I don't think so.  You'll have to excuse me, Mr. Gehring.  I 
     have a long nights' work ahead of me and my dinner, such as it is, is 
     getting cold. 
G:   I didn't mean to hold you up.  I'd sure hate to lose Mrs. Fowler the 
     children love her so much.  She doesn't talk down to them, if you 
     know what I mean.  Do you know if she plans to come back to the 
     hospital when she gets home. 
JF:  I really don't.  She hasn't mentioned anything about it.
RG:  I see.  Maybe you could do me a favor. I try to get the children to 
     work with their hands as much as possible.  Because they miss your 
     wife so much, I had a few of them print some letters to her.  It's 
     good exercise for them.  I thought she would appreciate having them.  
JF:  I'm sure she would. 
RG:  Could I have her address? 
JF:  Number 11 Greentree Road, Boston, care of Sloan. 
RG:  Care of Sloan.  Thank you. 
JF:  Not at all. 

     Gehring gets back in his car.
     Scene ends with Fowler going into the Town Hall.

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